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Comments by Raj Parashar (Top 23 by date)

Raj Parashar 6-Nov-13 6:38am View
Name in the sense Tooltip text database field name.
Raj Parashar 6-Nov-13 5:05am View
plz try this

ddlAboutUs.DataSource = somedatasource();
ddlAboutUs.DataTextField = "Name";
ddlAboutUs.DataValueField = "Value";
ddlAboutUs.ToolTip = "Name";
Raj Parashar 6-Nov-13 5:01am View
all the buttons will refer to same script and will open the same popup. You do not need to write 26 popups and postback also will happen with the only single button. If you want to catch which button was clicked then maintain a hidden field and store the id of the clicked button in the hidden field from Javascript at the time of opening popup. I think it shud work now.
Raj Parashar 20-Apr-13 12:34pm View
so just use "str=dropdown1.selectedItem.Value" and you are on......
Raj Parashar 17-Apr-13 0:42am View
Great then use it. No use of discussion.
Raj Parashar 16-Apr-13 10:08am View
It is clearly written overthere "for web deplyment" so i don't know why do you consider that when you are looking for solution of windows setup. Is it known by you that web and windows applications are different?
Raj Parashar 15-Apr-13 13:01pm View
jut select The text which you want to keep in the text box and drag that to text box which must work as i have already done the same many times.....
Raj Parashar 15-Apr-13 5:46am View
ur rectified solution hasa been posted back to you. Check and confirm.
Raj Parashar 15-Apr-13 5:25am View
Then u can use another table with same fields and connect the tables using foreign Key that should work. And yes u can't have duplicate primary keys in any case.
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 15:14pm View
Is it done?
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 14:42pm View
use the following method to fill data table and assign it to Gridview and if still it doesn't work then i need to see your code which you can send me to
OleDBCommand cmd=new OleDbCommand();
cmd.CommandText="Select * from Table2";
OledbDataAdapter adp=new OledbdataAdapter(cm.CommandText,con);
Datatable dt=new Datatable();

Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 14:26pm View
can you paste the code which you are using for filling 2nd grid? and yes are u using any update panel on the form? if yes then you need to update the panel after filling the 2nd grid to display data.
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 14:16pm View
have fetched data in a dataset and assigned it as a data source to 2nd grid from 2nd table? if yes then check through sql query whether you have data in 2nd table or not.
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 13:52pm View
again i am asking what is not working? Are u able to get value in the string? Are u able to insert data in second table? Are u able to delete data from 1st table? are u able to fill grids once again?
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 13:22pm View
what is not working tell me the exact situation and i shall let you know the exact correct answer and do let me know what u did?
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 12:25pm View
So u use the same solution as provided above with passing query strings and that should not be a problem.
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 4:37am View
I guess you have just copied the font to the system but you have not installed it. Install the font and it will work for definite
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 4:34am View
Why don't you use MS-Access as your database which is normally installed in all pcs. Yes i do accept where it is not installed you need to install it.
Raj Parashar 14-Apr-13 3:59am View
These are all setup prerequisite errors which you can find by right click on tne setup project and click properties and u will find prerequisite button overthere. click on the button and select all prerequisite required by your application and select

download prerequisite from the same location as my application

and build your project which will copy all of your application required tools to the same location as setup and then i guess there shouldn't be any error.
Raj Parashar 13-Apr-13 13:43pm View
as far i know you do not need to update them as i am already using with my client and it's my personal experience. However if you get any problem even i would be interested in knowing that.
Raj Parashar 13-Apr-13 6:08am View
Please go through the solution once again i have updated the validation part. Do let me know if still it is not clear...
Raj Parashar 13-Apr-13 6:02am View
Just make the following change it wouuld not show u any error.

Raj Parashar 12-Apr-13 5:09am View
Kittu tell me the detail exactly what is requirement so that i can help u out. Is the data in a grid and u want to have same data in another subfom grid?