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Sudhakar Shinde 2-Jul-15 3:34am View
Which IDE you are using for android development? Can you please provide error details from log console in the IDE you are using?
Sudhakar Shinde 1-Dec-14 6:43am View
Check below mentioned link to understand how to use LIKE in oracle query.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-May-14 8:52am View
What do you want to achieve? Why do you need their APIs?
Sudhakar Shinde 13-May-14 9:36am View
DO they expose any APIs to access opencart db? You need this to connect to the db thru android.
Sudhakar Shinde 13-May-14 9:19am View
Please provide code you have written to understand your problem.
Sudhakar Shinde 18-Feb-14 4:06am View
Please refer to this LINK
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Nov-13 8:35am View
What is that you have tried? Share your code in case you have tried anything.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Aug-13 5:36am View
This forum is for answering programming queries. I doubt someone will help you to update your resume.
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Aug-13 7:45am View
filter is applied to a datawindow level which internally generates query after applying the filter. Did not understand your question though.
Sudhakar Shinde 20-Aug-13 23:30pm View
What help you are expecting from us? Is there anything you have tried on your own or you want us to write the entire code for you?
Sudhakar Shinde 19-Aug-13 9:37am View
Here is the [Documentation] required by you.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-Aug-13 0:01am View
Why do you want to pass java file address into jsp? What action you want to take from jsp with the help of java file?
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Aug-13 9:11am View
Yes.I missed to mention the important security aspect. Thanks for pointing it out.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-Aug-13 4:54am View
Please provide the code you have tried so far by improving the question.
Sudhakar Shinde 13-Aug-13 5:26am View
You can start reading this link.[^]
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Aug-13 1:19am View
You can search on google.
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Aug-13 1:07am View
You can start working on it and post the queries in case you face issues. Saving the settings in db and retrieving it to use is very basic thing and I am not sure readymade code for this is available.
Sudhakar Shinde 8-Aug-13 11:06am View
Why do you need database for this? Please elaborate your requirement in detail.
Sudhakar Shinde 8-Aug-13 2:33am View
What is Italian style?? BTW how this code will restrict the previous dates?
Sudhakar Shinde 8-Aug-13 0:53am View
How is this related to SQL Sever?
Sudhakar Shinde 7-Aug-13 2:43am View
What kind of alarm you want to set?
Sudhakar Shinde 7-Aug-13 2:15am View
You can not get above mentioned output in single query. You have to use two sqls seperately to get employee data and sum of salaries or in a single query you can get sum which will repeat for all the rows.
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Aug-13 11:54am View
which database you are using??
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Aug-13 11:51am View
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Aug-13 6:31am View
What is the problem?
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Aug-13 3:34am View
Search on Google and you will find several examples. There are few articles available on Code project as well.
Sudhakar Shinde 31-Jul-13 9:41am View
Where is the java code which is giving you this error? You can use improve question link and paste the code which is giving you this error.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Jul-13 10:57am View
Is this a question..???
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Jul-13 5:50am View
Have you gone thru hyperlink assocoated with LINK in above comment?
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Jul-13 5:45am View
Show us your code and what you have done so far. It will be easier for us to answer your question by looking at the code.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Jul-13 4:08am View
You can use cursor for this functionality.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Jul-13 2:34am View
Are you talking about relationship between two tables? e.g you are storing category in one tables and items under that category in another table.
Sudhakar Shinde 29-Jul-13 9:25am View
You can very well check how many rows are affected by the UPDATE statement. Is this what you are looking for?
Sudhakar Shinde 29-Jul-13 3:23am View
Please share your code where you are creating the database.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Jul-13 9:11am View
Check this LINK for the issue reported by you.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Jul-13 1:57am View
Use google to find answers shown in a link HERE.
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Jul-13 4:15am View
Here are the Projects required by you.
Sudhakar Shinde 19-Jul-13 1:40am View
You need to mention the problem you are facing. Nobody will debug your code to find out the error and solution for it. If you specify exact error you are getting then we can help you to resolve. Simply saying not able to do is not going to help.
Sudhakar Shinde 19-Jul-13 1:36am View
What is that you tried? Tags selected are VB and JAVA.. Do you want to code in VB or java or both?
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Jul-13 2:37am View
You have logic and everything with you and still you are asking us to write code for you?You have to write it on your own and post queries/difficulties you are facing.
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Jul-13 2:32am View
What is that you have tried for this? Use google to get several examples and you should use those to implement your idea.
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Jul-13 2:29am View
You can check the help provided by respective app creators on google play. This is programming forum and you should ask only programming related questions here.
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Jul-13 10:50am View
What is that you tried so far? You can refer to this LINK to understand how to reject incoming calls. You can use this and implement to call this for a specified time.
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Jul-13 6:05am View
That is the reason I asked her to know the consequences first. Even in democracy rudeness is not accepted..There is no single line of code in the question and she claims required code is already there. :)
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Jul-13 5:54am View
If you have tried anything then as requested by OriginalGriff put your code in the question. Please note that OriginalGriff is very senior member of this forum and you can not ask him to shut up rudely. For that matter you can not talk like this to any member who are here to help you.
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Jul-13 5:45am View
You need to understand the consequences of being rude here. If you really want to get help here then be polite and first try the things on your own first. No one will work for you to give you readymade solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Jul-13 3:57am View
Did not come properly is not enough info to give you solution.You need to check which part of the program giving you any error. Debug and let us know the exact error.
Sudhakar Shinde 9-Jul-13 3:55am View
What do you mean by Aadhaar authentication?
Sudhakar Shinde 8-Jul-13 23:41pm View
Hi Md Jamaluddin, Tried to format the code however please check if the code matches with your original post.
Sudhakar Shinde 8-Jul-13 13:54pm View
This does not work this way..!! You have to try something on your own and post your programming queries. Expecting others to provide all the code is too much and nobody will provide that.
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Jul-13 4:50am View
You want to connect to DB2 and oracle databases from a java class? Because connecting DB2 with Oracle does not make any sense.
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Jul-13 4:37am View
You need to provide your query as well as still this information is not sufficient to understand the problem.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jul-13 5:51am View
As long as you are taking care of syntax you can pass single parameter.However, it will not make any difference to execution of query. You pass as a single parameter or multiple parameters execution does not get affected. Share your error details to answer you correctly.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jul-13 0:36am View
Use google to find out several tutorials/examples required by you.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jul-13 0:11am View
Use google to find out several examples for your requirement.
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 14:48pm View
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 14:48pm View
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 1:53am View
Use Improve question link and provide more information. This information is not sufficient to provide you the asnwer.
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 1:51am View
Why do you want us to do your assignment? Are you trying something on your own?
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 1:41am View
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jul-13 1:35am View
Pls contact microsoft support. (
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jul-13 9:13am View
Do not write everything in capital letters which is treated as screaming on internet. This forum is for providing help for coding issues. You need to talk to your vendor regarding your issue.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jul-13 3:41am View
You need to provide enough information about the problem.This question is not clear.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jul-13 3:39am View
Repost of
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jul-13 1:24am View
Posting a question multiple times won't get you the answer of your question. If you think you are learner then try to write the code and ask questions if you stuck. Nobody will write code for your questions.
Sudhakar Shinde 2-Jul-13 7:20am View
I tried below query which works well..

That means something is wrong with the data in your birth table. Please check the data for dob column is correct. If possible you can share it in your question.
Sudhakar Shinde 2-Jul-13 7:09am View
Sorry..Nobody will write the entire code for you.You have to try on your own and ask the issues you are facing while coding.
Sudhakar Shinde 2-Jul-13 6:22am View
What is the algorithm you want to implement? I understand the output required by you and want to know algorithm you want to implement.
Sudhakar Shinde 2-Jul-13 6:00am View
Why do you want to upload db table on internet? Your feedback form will be accessible over internet once you publish your site using web server.
Sudhakar Shinde 1-Jul-13 10:00am View
Really not able to understand what is that you want to achieve. If you have tried something then share your code for better understanding.
Sudhakar Shinde 1-Jul-13 9:45am View
Do you really need COMMIT since you are not using any DML statement?
Sudhakar Shinde 1-Jul-13 9:41am View
What kind of data you want to store on web server? Please note web servers are not meant for storing data. Please use Improve question link and provide more details about your requirement.
Sudhakar Shinde 29-Jun-13 8:15am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Well Explained..!!
Sudhakar Shinde 29-Jun-13 5:05am View
Please provide sufficient information by using Improve question link.Are you getting any error in the logs?
Sudhakar Shinde 28-Jun-13 4:58am View
Do you want to select data from a table and display it using a textbox? What is the problem you are facing? Share your code to explain the issue so that it will be easy to answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-Jun-13 1:12am View
I did not do any changes just formatted the code. Original XML which you have posted is unchanged but I think it is not correct.
Sudhakar Shinde 27-Jun-13 8:48am View
You think that you will submit the code written by someone else and get the full marks? You need to write this code on youe own and report the issues you face. Nobody on this forum will provide you readymade code..
Sudhakar Shinde 27-Jun-13 5:50am View
Done the code formatting please check XML is correct.
Sudhakar Shinde 27-Jun-13 3:45am View
Please check following links.

It is not possible it seems.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Jun-13 9:18am View
You want to send this file programatically?
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Jun-13 5:36am View
Following query will give you first and last date of the month.


You can loop to find out in between dates for display purpose. Instead of Currdate you can pass any date to find out first and last date of the month.
Sudhakar Shinde 25-Jun-13 7:57am View
Check the syntax of SELECT statement which is wrong.
Sudhakar Shinde 25-Jun-13 5:26am View
What is the problem that you are facing?
Sudhakar Shinde 14-Jun-13 2:00am View
WHy do you want to display data from two tables which are not related? Can you please elaborate your requirement? Also share table structures you are using.
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Jun-13 9:52am View
Are you getting any error? You can debug the code to find out the issue.
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Jun-13 9:34am View
If you can read the answer carefully you will answer such questions on your own.Use google to find out answer to such questions. You can check ( to find out the answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Jun-13 9:17am View
There are so many examples available on google and Codeproject. Try to search there and let us know in case of any programming issue.
Sudhakar Shinde 12-Jun-13 2:21am View
Your question is not clear. Please use Improve question link and explain in detail.
Sudhakar Shinde 11-Jun-13 9:09am View
There is ample amount of information available on google. Put some efforts and I am sure you will be able to find your answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 11-Jun-13 8:42am View
How is currently PPT display happening on TV? Are you connecting to TV by connecting a pendrive?
Sudhakar Shinde 7-Jun-13 2:34am View
5+ for sharing interesting article. :)
Sudhakar Shinde 6-Jun-13 3:49am View
It is not only extracting the apk using WinRAR. You should provide the link at least as part of your solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jun-13 10:39am View
Thanks Prasad..! I have updated my solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jun-13 9:59am View
Try running the following query and check if you are getting the same error.

FROM tab1, tab2,tab3
AND tab1.BP_ID = tab2.BP_ID

In case you are getting the same error then please check you have sufficient grants to select from these tables.
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jun-13 9:12am View
What do you mean by not working? What is the error you are getting? Is it possible for you to share the code?
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jun-13 3:41am View
You need to contact your biometric device vendor for the required APIs.How do we know how to connect without knowing the device and its APIs.?
Sudhakar Shinde 5-Jun-13 3:37am View
What is the problem? What is that you have tried so far?
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jun-13 9:10am View
reuse or reset? You can not reuse if record with that key is present. If such records are deleted then you need to reset the primary key autoincrement.
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jun-13 7:44am View
Have you searched on google? It will be always better to search using google first before asking a question.
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jun-13 6:36am View
Why are you posting the same question again? You have already posted it here ( and got answer as well.
Sudhakar Shinde 4-Jun-13 3:20am View
Why do you think I will downvote your answer? BTW link is not accessible in your answer and that could be the reason someone has downvoted your answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jun-13 4:55am View
What is that you have tried so far? Search google to find out the hints and try to resolve yourself. You can put your queries alongwith the code so that it will be easy to answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-Jun-13 3:15am View
Why are you asking same thing again and again? This one is repost of
Sudhakar Shinde 31-May-13 4:02am View
What do you mean by alter the data? Do you want to update the data or modify the table structure by changing/adding the column.
Sudhakar Shinde 31-May-13 1:51am View
Link is (
Sudhakar Shinde 30-May-13 9:06am View
Did you search on google? Why should I have the code required by you. If you try something on yourself we will be happy to help.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-May-13 8:53am View
You want to do it programatically or use available android Apps?
Sudhakar Shinde 30-May-13 3:31am View
Do you want to synchronise server database with local database?
Sudhakar Shinde 30-May-13 3:29am View
Can you please elaborate what do you mean by updating file from server?
Sudhakar Shinde 29-May-13 6:53am View
Computed column can be used in case there is some relation to compute grp_emp on the basis of existing column but then only select * from tablename won't work.
Sudhakar Shinde 29-May-13 3:03am View
I have observed couple of things..
1) Create view statement in above code is not complete. You need to add a WHERE clause and semicolon(;) at the end of create statement.
2) CREATE statement is a DDL (Data Definition Language) statement and you do not need to write COMMIT after it.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 5:16am View
Understood your requirement fully and hence suggested to search on google and try to write on your own. You can post your problems with code here and we will happy to help you. I do not think someone will provide you readymade code as per your requirement.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:22am View
Good inforation..!
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:21am View
This can not be answer to the problem you have posted.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:19am View
Good one..!!
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:17am View
You have to put this as a comment and not as an answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:16am View
You have to put this as a comment and not as an answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:14am View
What is the problem while creating a row of 4 buttons?
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:12am View
My answer remains same only the link changes. (
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 2:07am View
This can not be answer to your question and you can use comments for these comments.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 1:53am View
Check this link and you will find so many options. (
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 1:51am View
Please search on google or CodeProject before asking a question.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 0:27am View
This answer is as unclear as the question.
Sudhakar Shinde 28-May-13 0:14am View
What do you mean by camera preview?
Sudhakar Shinde 27-May-13 2:37am View
Not really clear what is your question. You need to Improve your question.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-May-13 3:05am View
Can you please provide code for two triggers? Not clear what to do you mean by deleting trigger reference.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-May-13 2:57am View
The link provided by you talks about publishing web services that are written in .NET framework. However, the question is publishing JAVA web services using IIS.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-May-13 1:49am View
Any specific reason for using IIS to publish Java Services?
Sudhakar Shinde 23-May-13 6:20am View
You need to escape the special characters. Please refer to the link (
Sudhakar Shinde 22-May-13 5:33am View
Which database you are using?
Sudhakar Shinde 22-May-13 5:27am View
What is your problem? Do you want to understand how to write PL/SQL ?
Sudhakar Shinde 20-May-13 5:44am View
Are you writting windows application code using java? If you have code written in one language then it is not difficult to write it in another language. Pls. let us know the problem you are facing. Please note that noone will provide you the readymade code.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-May-13 9:50am View
You can provide a dropdown list for the datatypes supported by MySQL.You need to make provision to accept datatype, Nullable, primary key, foreign key etc and dynamically build the SQL based on the inputs. You also need to validate the input as supported by MySQL. i.e. max characters for column name etc. Happy Coding.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-May-13 6:19am View
You have an idea and you want us to provide code for it. Did you attempt to write anything? I do not think someone can provide you readymade code.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-May-13 4:09am View
How did you assume the problem asked is the same problem you faced? There can be multiple reasons for a program to hang.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-May-13 1:51am View
You did not give your requirement clearly in the question.
Sudhakar Shinde 16-May-13 10:14am View
How did you come to this conclusion?
Sudhakar Shinde 15-May-13 1:37am View
Difficult to understand your problem.Can you please use 'Improve question' link and provide the exact error from log.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-May-13 1:32am View
Have you referred to the link given by me? You just need to write a query and no need to write a procedure.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 6:54am View
Exactly the one who can answer are not reading this question. :)
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 6:28am View
Your application is written in PHP? Share your code and let me know the problem.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 6:21am View
Example is surely does not represent binding. It will be better if you can provide more details.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 6:19am View
You need to transform rows to columns. Refer to ( to understand how it can be done in mysql.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 6:13am View
What is the error you are facing?
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 4:29am View
Use google and you will find out tutorials to start learning mapguide.
Sudhakar Shinde 14-May-13 3:36am View
You do not need to install client in case you wish to connect through some application.
Sudhakar Shinde 13-May-13 6:29am View
Try recovery option as mentioned above however it is difficult option.
Sudhakar Shinde 13-May-13 1:47am View
What is the error you are facing in the code given by you?
Sudhakar Shinde 10-May-13 1:51am View
Both the queries will take similar time since there is difference of columns you are selecting. Please check whether above mentioned query works properly.
Sudhakar Shinde 6-May-13 7:50am View
You can not ask query in the solution section. You have to use Imrpeove Question or put it as a comment.
Sudhakar Shinde 6-May-13 3:15am View
You can not ask a question as a solution. You need to use 'Improve Question' link to provide these details instead of putting those as a solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-May-13 11:36am View
My 5. Can not really figure out the requirement.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-May-13 9:24am View
Sudhakar Shinde 3-May-13 9:14am View
DO you mean to say developing a music player in Java? Have you tried anything for this?
Sudhakar Shinde 3-May-13 7:19am View
I do not think you need to check if data is there in the table before generating a report.You can display a blank report with message 'No Data Found' in case report query does not return any data.Second validation needs to be done at the time of data entry and not before generating a report.
Sudhakar Shinde 3-May-13 6:57am View
You normally select data from the tables to generate reports and I do not think you need to check for any errors. I did not get what kind of errors you are talking about.
Sudhakar Shinde 2-May-13 4:02am View
If salary is 900 then it will satisfy almost all the conditions. Please have a look at these conditions first.
Sudhakar Shinde 1-May-13 1:44am View
Why do not you search on google..? Divide your problem in two parts..1) Read text from textfile 2) Display it in gridview. Search using this and try it out on your own. Post your programming related issues here.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 8:42am View
There will be some solution for the errors if you want to share with us. Without seeing the errors noone can provide you the solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 8:42am View
There will be some solution for the errors if you want to share with us. Without seeing the errors noone can provide you the solution.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 8:38am View
Use google and you will find multiple options for this query.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 7:22am View
What is your problem? Exactly what kind of help you are expecting?
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 3:06am View
You can not post a question as an answer to other question.
Sudhakar Shinde 30-Apr-13 1:46am View
What is your question/problem? Anything that you tried on yourself?
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Apr-13 6:26am View
Use google to search for the sample code.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Apr-13 5:12am View
Uniqueness will be taken care by auto_id as names can not be unique. So there can be two Raju in barakhamba block and in this case this auto_id will make them unique. Then why not keep auto_id as PK? It is not good practice to have key on name and that is the reason I asked you the purpose behine having key composed of name, block and auto id. You can define a text field and define it as PK. You need to concat the values before you insert it in the table. To have auto increment value oracle provides sequence while mysql you can define the column as AUTO_INCREMENT.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Apr-13 3:39am View
Your question is not clear.Why do you need to have primary key like this? Anyway you have auto_id which can be primary key for your table. Still you want to have primary key with three values mentioned by you then you can define one column of type text (VARCHAR in oracle) and concatenate while inserting into the table.
Sudhakar Shinde 26-Apr-13 2:32am View
All databases provide database monitoring mechanisms which you need to use to find out the reason. You can find out these scipts on internet by searching using google. You did not mention which db you are using and hence unable to help much.
Sudhakar Shinde 25-Apr-13 9:08am View
Please refer to the link (
Sudhakar Shinde 25-Apr-13 6:32am View
How are you linking these events? Once you send a sms to android phone it should take photo automatically? Requirement is not clear.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 9:43am View
OOps..We gave similar answer at the same time. :)
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 9:41am View
Pls. use google search and do your homework.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 8:05am View
Your previous query was related to selecting a distinct record which included date as well as time part. Now you want to display only time part but you want to select distinct record.

e.g. if your data is as follows..
1900-01-01 00:00:00.000
1900-01-01 00:00:00.000
1900-01-01 01:01:00.000
1900-01-01 02:02:00.000
Then you want to display

Is this understanding correct?
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 7:31am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Good..!!
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 6:47am View
You need to add WHERE condition to find out only stored procedures as mentioned in the requirement.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 5:19am View
Dear you have to give some credit to nitin bhoyate who has provided the solution to you. You just can not copy his solution and use it as yours. Answer acceptance rewards should go to nitin bhoyate.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 4:12am View
What do you mean by Unable to send 385kb? What is the error you are getting?
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 2:23am View
Please use google to search your answer.
Sudhakar Shinde 24-Apr-13 2:21am View
What do you mean by related item ID? Can uo please provide an example?
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Apr-13 11:47am View
Read this (
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Apr-13 9:08am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good explanation..!!
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Apr-13 9:02am View
Please check this link ( and check what all options are available.
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Apr-13 8:48am View
Why do you need to do this through java program?
Sudhakar Shinde 23-Apr-13 1:34am View
Start with learning how to import excel data into MySQL using ( We will learn how to import Hindi data once you completes the first step.
Sudhakar Shinde 22-Apr-13 3:24am View
Please check this link (
Sudhakar Shinde 21-Apr-13 3:08am View
Please check this link. (
Sudhakar Shinde 21-Apr-13 3:02am View
What you have posted can be information but where is the problem?
Sudhakar Shinde 20-Apr-13 2:53am View
What is the problem? Please be specific. It is not clear whether you have problem with netbeans or card layout?
Sudhakar Shinde 19-Apr-13 5:38am View
Please check ( to understand how leave management works.Based on the flow you can design the system.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-Apr-13 6:57am View
We don't have recruitment application and do not have any intention to develop it in near future. Your project should be on recruitment application and not on Sample Recruitment.
Sudhakar Shinde 17-Apr-13 6:34am View
What is the error? Can you please check the value of $res? Please note that saturday_out and saturday_in has to be of same type i.e datetime.
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Apr-13 5:33am View
Please try goggle to find out code required by you is available readily.Otherwise try yourself and come up with coding related issues. I do not think someone can put efforts to do coding required by you.
Sudhakar Shinde 16-Apr-13 2:15am View
To write a generator you have to be proficient in the language. You need to start with something basic before you move on to write generator.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 10:46am View
Why do you think there will be any problem? What is the configuration of the system you want to use for installation?
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 10:44am View
You can refer to this link ( to understand how to implement file upload service.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 9:01am View
Your problem is related to jboss implementation or you do not know how to implement file upload webservice itself?
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 8:57am View
You can not get readymade solution for your requirement and I hope you have gone throgh the links at the end of the page in URL given by me. Also go through ( to understand the implementation of MTOM.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 3:06am View
Line by line conversion is not possible in this case. You need to understand the alternative in android to handle existing code and recode it. I do not think someone has readymade tool to convert Swing/AWT to android.
Sudhakar Shinde 15-Apr-13 2:40am View
What is the problem?