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Arav Pradeep Gupta 28-May-14 2:59am View    
Thanks you for quick response...
actually I need to set timeout because once ideal for couple of minutes then hit to make a request then raise error for session timeout , However I have set it to 8hr in Web.Config as well Layout.cshtml for Ajax request.
Arav Pradeep Gupta 18-Feb-14 7:04am View    
oh ...................

class='ABC' in u'r
<input type="checkbox" id="chkRegno" name="chkRegno" runat="server" value='<%# Eval("usercode") %>'
onfocus="javascript:setFocus(this)" önblur="javascript:onLostFocus(this)" önkeypress="javascript:test(event,this)" />

still u did;t get it

sorry to say ask to u'r senior to look at the issue.

Arav Pradeep Gupta 18-Feb-14 6:52am View    
please read comment you will apply a dummy class which will use only for you. for now you can give class name ABC same as I have done. It will work definitely .
Arav Pradeep Gupta 18-Feb-14 6:38am View    
okay , do one thing please apply a css class on chkRegno give any name suppose u have applied css ABC then here is solution to get as u looking for
$(function () {
$(".ABC").change(function () {
$("#ChkAll").prop("checked", false);

Arav Pradeep Gupta 8-Jan-14 6:29am View    
Sampath , everything working problem is to trigger the anchor click events on Window. All anchor click events not working ....