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Comments by ALIWAZ (Top 7 by date)

ALIWAZ 19-Jun-13 12:24pm View
yes that is my question
ALIWAZ 19-Jun-13 12:12pm View
i read data from binary format file but data is not displayd in text
ALIWAZ 18-Apr-13 10:58am View
i can not please elobarate
ALIWAZ 18-Apr-13 10:54am View
i enter two values 1 and 2 in array but resut is 22 and 24
ALIWAZ 4-Mar-12 5:49am View
ALIWAZ 26-Jan-12 9:40am View
no sir a small confusion in my mind about last index in case of arraysize is static
ALIWAZ 26-Jan-12 8:59am View
if i enter value at index 3 then that algorithm is valid or not