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Jim Meadors 3-Feb-19 2:30am View
Why don't you learn to code? What you have outlined here sounds like you could do it in 25 - 50 lines of code. Just download and install the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and then google some samples that do something close to what you want. And then look up what you can do to make it do exactly what you want it to do. What Griff is telling you is basically your only other option and it can be an expensive one.
Jim Meadors 9-Dec-18 14:41pm View
Your "code" appears to be a random set of characters...
Jim Meadors 7-Dec-18 23:41pm View
I just thought I should mention that if you are going to actually use this in some real production environment, you will also have to look up ways to encrypt your data.
Jim Meadors 30-Apr-18 21:54pm View
It is not clear what you mean by "not sure how to finish it". Just add code for what you want to run inside the If statement.
Jim Meadors 31-Jan-18 22:12pm View
I would right click on a page that did what I wanted and select "View Source" and then find the code that does the magnification thing. Good Luck.
Jim Meadors 31-Jan-18 10:45am View
Go back to a point where it was still making sense to you and clear up anything you don't understand there and then try to study the materials forward from there again. It will make more sense that way.
Jim Meadors 28-Jan-18 22:26pm View
You should review your class materials. The assignment is easy and all you have to do is look up the math that you need for each function and then return the result of that equation.
Jim Meadors 19-Jan-18 23:26pm View
I think we would be taking your class if we wanted to do your homework...
Jim Meadors 17-Jan-18 22:36pm View
I think you will have a better chance at getting a useable answer if you state clearly what the problem is and edit all the Chinese characters out of your question.
Jim Meadors 12-Jan-18 22:42pm View
Have you tried Google? This site is not for doing people's homework.
Jim Meadors 8-Jan-18 0:02am View
Did you try this:
Jim Meadors 3-Jan-18 22:57pm View
You should fill in what you have tried. It is not clear from your question what you are trying to achieve. The WebBrowser control would be one possible tool for you to use in making an application for viewing your videos on YouTube. But it is hard to tell from your question what you actually need...
Jim Meadors 25-Nov-17 0:57am View
What you are trying to get is a curve on a graph. you will need to get all results for y for each possible x. If you want to display results I suggest you learn to use GDI. Peter is right: It is difficult. But you can solve it by taking it one step at a time and you will eventually have it.
Jim Meadors 22-Oct-17 0:56am View
perhaps you can explain what you are trying to achieve or the problem you are having with it...
Jim Meadors 10-Oct-17 23:08pm View
I would use Autoit3, has a dll you can include in your project...
Jim Meadors 22-Aug-17 22:38pm View
I would restart the computer and then check that it didn't restart the unwanted .exe.
Jim Meadors 21-Aug-17 22:34pm View
No, I mean Excel. You can create a form that is your main access to an Excel spreadsheet. On the form you can add all the user controls that you want for your data access and input and save it to the spreadsheet. Open the developer tab and press F1 to get help. I would start with designing a form that looks like everything I wanted and then add the code to make it work. Good Luck!
Jim Meadors 20-Aug-17 22:56pm View
What you want to do can be done with an Excel spreadsheet.
Jim Meadors 16-Jul-17 22:31pm View
That is what I would try...
Jim Meadors 8-Dec-16 1:02am View
If you are targeting XP you have to target Framework 3.5. This could be the problem...
Jim Meadors 30-Jul-16 1:09am View
If you are not up to the point of writing your own simple code that you can ask questions about to solve problematic parts of the code, then you should google for samples that do what you want. Then you can explore the code and experiment and study to see how to make it do what you want it to do.
Jim Meadors 28-Jul-16 1:09am View
You might try including a code sample of what you are doing. It's not very clear from what you say.
Jim Meadors 21-Jun-16 1:12am View
Do you mean DOCX ? I don't think you can access .doc with .net
Jim Meadors 28-Apr-16 1:02am View
It sounds like the feature you are looking for is called "auto complete textbox"
Jim Meadors 8-Mar-16 1:21am View
You really should start with a beginner book and just work your way through it.
Jim Meadors 5-Mar-16 2:35am View
Your <body/> is inside your <head/> which is not a good start. Sergey is right. You should get a beginner book or something.
Jim Meadors 3-Mar-16 1:11am View
I have worked with MODI and it is has many bugs. My only advice is that you look for more modern OCR engines.
Jim Meadors 29-Feb-16 1:54am View
Have you checked that the target framework of your Solution is installed on the computer you are trying to run it on? If, for example, your target framework is 4.0 and you are trying to run it on an old Windows XP, it won't run there as XP won't take higher than 3.5. But that is just a guess. You might try providing more specifics of your problem if it still isn't resolved.
Jim Meadors 9-Oct-15 2:18am View
Your question is not really specific enough to give good direction. It sounds like you should get a book on beginning ASPdotNet and start by working your way through the book.
Jim Meadors 25-Sep-15 1:01am View
The closest thing I've been able to find is that there is a plugin "Inkcut" that works with "Inkscape" which are written for Linux and translated for Windows. I haven't been able to get it to work for my old cutter but it is a place to start. . .
Jim Meadors 25-Sep-15 1:01am View
The closest thing I've been able to find is that there is a plugin "Inkcut" that works with "Inkscape" which are written for Linux and translated for Windows. I haven't been able to get it to work for my old cutter but it is a place to start. . .
Jim Meadors 12-Sep-15 1:54am View
It would be helpful for you to include a code sample to show what part of it you are having trouble with.
Jim Meadors 11-Sep-15 1:10am View
Marquee is obsolete. If you really need that effect you will probably have to recreate it using CSS. Good Luck.
Jim Meadors 2-Sep-15 1:45am View
I'm very sorry to here that. I never learned the older technologies. Good Luck!
Jim Meadors 16-Dec-14 1:14am View
There are a couple of good articles on CP that you should be able to find on search of "command prompt" in the search box. They give examples of the code expressed by BacchusBeale above. They should get you going in the right direction.
Jim Meadors 18-Nov-14 1:27am View
If you are using Count in accessing your data, subtract 1 to convert it to Index.
Jim Meadors 1-Nov-14 1:00am View
There is probably something in your print code that is stripping it. That's where I would start looking.
Jim Meadors 26-Mar-14 1:18am View
I had a similar crash when I installed on a machine without 3.5 which was my target framework. If that is your problem it should resolve by installing the correct framework. Good Luck!
Jim Meadors 14-Mar-14 2:16am View
See code below. It will run in a console application with your xml.
Jim Meadors 14-Mar-14 1:33am View
It would be helpful for you to say what form you want the data extracted into, as you already have all the data in your original xml file.
Jim Meadors 12-Mar-14 1:21am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This looks like a well researched article and I thank you for your effort.
Jim Meadors 7-Mar-14 1:29am View
It would help if you included the code you are using for your text and how it is getting saved.
Jim Meadors 4-Mar-13 2:01am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Thanks. This is a very simple way to do exactly what I want without having to add other libraries, etc.
Jim Meadors 26-Feb-13 1:56am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This is a good starter package and helps me on things I've been trying to find. Thanks.
Jim Meadors 3-Oct-12 1:05am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks! I learned something.