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Comments by Ravimallya (Top 5 by date)

Ravimallya 12-Feb-13 0:09am View
Yeah, Okay. will try to do that. But, if anyone found a jquery solution, that would be great.
Ravimallya 3-Jan-13 3:09am View
If you are trying to create a PHP contact form, just google with the keywords such as 'simple php contact form', or go to Lazy seach , if you are too lazy to type. Refer this or this posts to create a simple form. You can use PHP's mail() function to send emails from the contact form.
Ravimallya 21-Oct-12 7:10am View
have you tried to use overflow with width and/or height set? also have you used wrap:true ? please provide with an example. you can use
Ravimallya 21-Oct-12 7:04am View
Please provide us with a jsFiddle link where it has demo script, so that, it will help us more.
Ravimallya 30-Aug-12 9:54am View
Hi Karthik.

Thank you for your solution. Yes, the issue fixed while I implementing it in the Gridview also.

Thanks again for your valuable time to check the problem.