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Akinmade Bond 28-Jan-15 6:27am View
You can take an already beautified HTML page and add AngularJS markup to it. Its like taking a template and turning it into what you want.
Akinmade Bond 25-Jul-14 16:32pm View
You can check the documentation on modals and preview the source of Bootstrap Modals
Akinmade Bond 18-Apr-14 6:30am View
Why reinvent a commenting system. Use Disqus
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 17:01pm View
Does PDF.js fit your needs?
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 9:05am View
Why is this a problem? I'm logged in on my phone to CP and on my PC and many other sites allow this too. So, I don't see how this is a serious problem for your client.

Although, you could run a script that checks if the user is currently logged in on the machine using AJAX or CURL by trying to access a restricted page and reading the results. If you get the login page or any other error, the user is not logged in, else you redirect the user to a "You're already logged in page."
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 2:13am View
What does Debug.WriteLine(content); output?
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 1:55am View
Do you mean your own service that you wrote yourself or a Windows service shipped with the OS?
Akinmade Bond 28-Mar-14 23:51pm View
Have you heard of WCF? Does it fit your needs?
Akinmade Bond 26-Mar-14 2:56am View
I sure hope in your privacy terms, you're telling the user you're getting that information as that could lead to some serious privacy issues.

I don't think there is a way you can get the exact geographical location of a user based on his IP address. You can get an approximate location but getting the exact location is rare.
Akinmade Bond 26-Mar-14 2:48am View
+ That's a better solution given that he uses ASP.
Akinmade Bond 26-Mar-14 2:03am View
What do you want to do? Check if the primary email is different from the secondary email? Check if both fields contain valid emails? Or both?
Akinmade Bond 28-Jan-14 22:16pm View
This might help. CodeProject Question: Sending text over WiFi See an Implementation here WPF: P2P Chess
Akinmade Bond 15-Nov-13 14:35pm View
:) Happy to help. Had to deal with that in a project I was working a while back, different scenario though. Spent hours debugging but that was the only thing I tried that worked. Good to know it helped you too. :)
Akinmade Bond 13-Nov-13 5:25am View
Do you want to sort the content of the string cause it looks like you want to limit the length of the string to 25 characters. Which is it?
Akinmade Bond 31-Oct-13 6:04am View
You are looking for an autocomplete textbox... Search the web for that.
Akinmade Bond 15-Oct-13 14:22pm View
O is 3 and N is 2? What determines the value? Edit your question using the Improve question widget.
Akinmade Bond 15-Oct-13 14:18pm View
Winform? If you are using .NET higher than 3.0, I would recomment usinf WPF.
Akinmade Bond 15-Oct-13 14:14pm View
Happy to help. Glad you got it working. :)
Akinmade Bond 14-Oct-13 15:19pm View
See the edited answer.
Akinmade Bond 14-Oct-13 7:39am View
Yes you could. Just create a form like so.

<form method="post" action="action.php">
//Data here.
Akinmade Bond 14-Oct-13 3:32am View
Do it the same way you would upload any file.
Akinmade Bond 14-Oct-13 3:27am View
Well, $_SESSION['name'] is empty apparently, have you set it before?
Akinmade Bond 12-Oct-13 3:44am View
Does alert("POSTing this:\n" + jQuery.param(formData)); display anything?
Akinmade Bond 7-Oct-13 16:17pm View
Why not check if the username directly exists in your database directly rather than checking for in on another form.
Akinmade Bond 5-Oct-13 15:14pm View
Difference between what?
Akinmade Bond 5-Oct-13 14:16pm View
Yes, $row[0] is the same as $row['status']
Akinmade Bond 5-Oct-13 14:13pm View
See my edited solution.
Akinmade Bond 5-Oct-13 11:50am View
Happy to help.
Akinmade Bond 5-Oct-13 2:34am View
Have you read the article?
Akinmade Bond 2-Oct-13 4:17am View
What have you tried? Your code...
Akinmade Bond 1-Oct-13 19:42pm View
Good. It's sad that some people still write very vulnerable sql queries.
Akinmade Bond 1-Oct-13 10:17am View
We can't see your screen and you haven't explained or even showed your code to suggest what you want to do. Please update your qyestion using the Improve question widget.
Akinmade Bond 1-Oct-13 10:06am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Fix the remaining errors. I'll update my vote.
Akinmade Bond 1-Oct-13 5:05am View
Provide login capabilities then. A user that is not logged in cannot see certain pages and a user that is can.
Akinmade Bond 1-Oct-13 1:59am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n Tip was tagged 'advanced'... not even close.
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 10:32am View
Try removing the 'fade' class.
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 9:40am View
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 9:34am View
Can you update your question to reflect your current HTML code?
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 9:14am View
Web page cannot be displayed.
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 9:13am View
Do you use Firefox? If so, you might want to take a look at this extension Web developer tools. It adds a toolbar that can show you JavaScript errors and warning. Might help you find out exactly what is wrong.
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 18:28pm View
Like BillWoodruff said, the conditions could later as opposed to "NOT IN" that you have now, become "IN"
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 18:26pm View
Okay, I get that. What about the conditions for StarX and MoonX
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 17:53pm View
Uhhh.... I'm sorry I can't see a relationship.... Y750RR was not in MoonX and was also not printed. Can you explain further. And have you read the BillWoodruff's solution?
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 17:44pm View
You want to check all that from the web? You should make your application check all that.... Your app should contain directives that allow it to only install on a specific OS. You should try creating a custom installer for your application. Are you developing with Visual Studio?
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 17:16pm View
The programs throws an exception when there are English and Hindi characters in a question? Explain what happens, we can't see your screen, remember?
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 12:05pm View
On your "requirement" can you be more explicit on how the output would look like?
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 11:46am View
Very detailed. :thumbsup: +5
Akinmade Bond 28-Sep-13 9:25am View
Does it work now?
Akinmade Bond 26-Sep-13 6:46am View
Check that the file paging.php is in the root folder on your server.
Akinmade Bond 26-Sep-13 5:35am View
You want a double apostrophe at the end of the first word, around the second word and at the start of the third word?
Akinmade Bond 26-Sep-13 5:29am View
+5 Really good.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 19:42pm View
You should consider partitioning your tables. See here
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 19:26pm View
The content of what? And BTW, do you use JQuery?
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 17:37pm View
Happy to help.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 13:36pm View
See my answer, not perfect yet. It relies on the fact that variables do not contain spaces.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:58pm View
You could filter the user input, stripping out logical variables and special characters.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:56pm View
Are you referring to the flash? You want your page to redirect after the flash animation? And BTW, reference JQuery before your plugins.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:53pm View
Were you referencing two JQuery libraries. JQuery latest should be 1.10.1 or 2.0, some plugins require a lower version. Try removing the line referencing the latest version of JQuery.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:46pm View
I can't see where you referenced lightbox.js in your code. Are you sure you referenced it?
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:45pm View
Show the lnkSave_onClick function.
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 12:39pm View
The user is supposed to write the logical expression?
Akinmade Bond 25-Sep-13 5:27am View
Can you please be more explicit? You want to extract the variables from a logical expression?
Akinmade Bond 22-Sep-13 4:49am View
Take your time.
Akinmade Bond 17-Sep-13 4:41am View
Looks like you are talking about arguments. If the program accepts command line arguments, yes. Something like mspaint a.png yes?
Akinmade Bond 15-Sep-13 2:16am View
Do you need the shortcut when your app is active, inactive or both?
Akinmade Bond 15-Sep-13 2:15am View
Does your application work like open commands like the run dialogue? I would and I suppose others that often use the dialogie will be pissed if I found out an app has overriden the the run dialogue when I need it. There are lots of other unused shortcuts.
Akinmade Bond 30-Jun-13 5:01am View
See my answer.
Akinmade Bond 30-Jun-13 2:38am View
From the looks of things. You want to split a sentence with spaces into words leaving the ones with a quote intact right?
Akinmade Bond 30-May-13 8:17am View
Good one. All he needs to do now is set a timeout to reset the password again.
Akinmade Bond 30-May-13 8:13am View
The problem is that If RemainingTime.Minutes < 1 will always evaluate to true when the time is less than a minute and hence, a the function RaiseEvent OnAlert("1 minute left"); will run.

To stop that from happening, change that line to If RemainingTime.Minutes = 1
Akinmade Bond 6-May-13 16:38pm View
You can just make things up until you're certain the connection to the DB has been established. There is no way to check for the progress of a connection to the database.
Akinmade Bond 3-May-13 12:01pm View
<button önclick="alert('Hello World')">Hello</button>
Akinmade Bond 3-May-13 10:42am View
The current variable randomizes a number. You should use that variable to keep the article(news) that is currently displayed and use it to change to a new article after three seconds.
Akinmade Bond 1-May-13 17:55pm View
Programming questions only here. You could use The Lounge for that.
Akinmade Bond 28-Apr-13 12:04pm View
Akinmade Bond 28-Apr-13 5:18am View
What you do is that, everytime the user adds a new file, you check the total size of files he has already uploaded and the size of the new file just uploaoded. If the total exceeds 2mb, you discard the new file and show a message. Isn't that what you want?
Akinmade Bond 28-Apr-13 5:15am View
What!? Okay, so I started reading and then I saw the dropdown and though, "Wow, a lot of comments." until your code wasn't ending and I had to scroll to the end.

Do you know JavaScript?

What exactly were you trying to do when you get redirected to Google

No one is going to read through this much code just to figure out what something went wrong. Best you segment the part you think might be causing the problem.
Akinmade Bond 28-Apr-13 4:42am View
What do you mean by, "the question is not on line 77?" You said you were always getting the same value on a certain line and I suggested you interchange line 76 and 77.
Akinmade Bond 27-Apr-13 19:20pm View
Convert a URL? How? Use examples maybe, something like convert htpp:// to ...

or best share your code, we can read and then figure out what you were trying to do. Can't seem to understand what you want.
Akinmade Bond 27-Apr-13 19:18pm View
But the client required the functionality, he pays the big bucks. Gotta figure out a way of telling him no. Might make that a quote.

"Having a requirement does not mean that it's possible." -ThePhantomUpvoter.
Akinmade Bond 27-Apr-13 19:16pm View
When the print job is completed on the printer or when the user clicks "Print"? The former needs some serious work and I agree with Zoltan.
Akinmade Bond 26-Apr-13 10:28am View
What language. Please update the tags of your question using the "Improve Question" widget.
Akinmade Bond 26-Apr-13 10:17am View
Have you tried the solution?
Akinmade Bond 25-Apr-13 5:47am View
On point.
Akinmade Bond 25-Apr-13 5:24am View
Your question is unclear. All I can discern is that you need help with Telerik. Contact Telerik support and like ^^^ he said, you might use CP's discussion board.
Akinmade Bond 25-Apr-13 5:22am View
Contact Telerik support.
Akinmade Bond 25-Apr-13 5:21am View
Telerik support would be glad to assist you and even better than any answer you might get on here since you paid for it.
Akinmade Bond 5-Mar-13 6:44am View
Akinmade Bond 5-Mar-13 6:41am View
You mean you want to use Facebook login on your site without redirecting the user to Facebook first? That may look suspicious to some cause you would have access to my username and password if you will be submitting it for me.
Akinmade Bond 5-Mar-13 6:28am View
This is completely off-topic. Your title and the question are mismatched and BTW, CP does not do homework.
Akinmade Bond 12-Feb-13 9:59am View
Do you want to check only for your application or for others running on the pc?
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:47pm View
This is not a question, rather a request which googling could solve. Why not pay a coder
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:44pm View
You need it soon and you haven't started? Why not pay someone to do the job.
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:38pm View
Hehe^^ :D
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:36pm View
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:33pm View
You can save them only as .ico
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:27pm View
Does it say anything when you try to rerun them after a reboot?
Akinmade Bond 29-Jan-13 13:23pm View
Dropping a comment on the the article thread of that article could get you better response than on here.
Akinmade Bond 27-Jan-13 10:58am View
True. ;)
Akinmade Bond 26-Jan-13 11:31am View
What version of VS and SQL Server are you using?
Akinmade Bond 26-Jan-13 11:30am View
Because at that point, the data is expected to have been saved in the database?
Akinmade Bond 26-Jan-13 11:26am View
I can't even see clearly what you want to do. And your title is no help. Please do as he ^^ says and use the 'Improve question' widget to make this question clearer. That's the little green button below your post by BTW.
Akinmade Bond 12-Jan-13 11:17am View
What he ^^ said.
Akinmade Bond 11-Jan-13 12:43pm View
What have you tried? Where are you getting errors? We can't see your screen you know.
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 3:10am View
Okay, question updated.
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 3:06am View
What do you mean by a 'suitable string'? A string that would pass the validation?
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 2:54am View
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 2:53am View
Seeing the title, one would just be like, duh.... run the code.
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 2:52am View
What are the errors did it gave you? Can you please post it on here? :wink: we can't see your screen you know?

Plus, next time, click the reply button next to the comment of the person you want to reply to, the user gets a notification and that helps him/her to get to you faster.
Akinmade Bond 9-Jan-13 2:48am View
'I would like to be helped' is not a good title, use the 'Improve question' widget (the little green button) below your question to update the title.
Akinmade Bond 30-Dec-12 7:34am View
Akinmade Bond 30-Dec-12 6:53am View
What? Why'd you post this?
Akinmade Bond 30-Dec-12 6:42am View
Download and install the Update 1 for Visual Studio 2012, that is assuming you're using VS 11. What version of VS are you using?
Akinmade Bond 30-Dec-12 6:41am View
You don't want to know where the mistake is? In order words, you don't want to do anything else other than make someone give you the complete correct code for what you intend doing? You might as well pay someone to.
Akinmade Bond 29-Dec-12 9:04am View
What is stopping you from getting it?
Akinmade Bond 29-Dec-12 6:35am View
Refreshing won't solve your problem. You have to close (dispose) all handles of the file in your application before you can delete it.
Akinmade Bond 29-Dec-12 6:06am View
Nice work. +5
Akinmade Bond 28-Dec-12 12:25pm View
Quoted yourself. ;)
Akinmade Bond 25-Dec-12 8:58am View
What is 'Empty'?
Akinmade Bond 25-Dec-12 8:56am View
Sorry but CP does not do homework, try something first and we'll be glad to guide you if you have any problems.
Akinmade Bond 25-Dec-12 8:26am View
Happy to help.
Akinmade Bond 24-Dec-12 12:29pm View
Take a look at

Akinmade Bond 11-Dec-12 11:09am View
Can you show the code that finds all the form? Don't seem to understand what you mean.
Akinmade Bond 9-Dec-12 4:29am View
See also
Akinmade Bond 8-Dec-12 7:36am View
Is there any other RadioButton on your form?
Akinmade Bond 5-Dec-12 14:06pm View
Akinmade Bond 5-Dec-12 14:03pm View
Exactly what I was going to point out when reading the question. :)
Akinmade Bond 5-Dec-12 14:01pm View
That is possible but tedious, database would be best for what you want to do.
Akinmade Bond 28-Nov-12 10:18am View
WinForm or WPF?
Akinmade Bond 17-Nov-12 7:43am View
Happy to help. :)
Akinmade Bond 9-Nov-12 3:04am View
He means what have you tried to do, before you got confused? You have tried something, right?
Akinmade Bond 9-Nov-12 3:03am View
What code gives the exception? Step into your code to determine exactly what causes your exception and provide it as an additional information to your question. Use the 'Improve question' widget to do that.
Akinmade Bond 7-Nov-12 5:45am View
Has your question been answered? Please mark the answer that worked for you as solution.
Akinmade Bond 6-Nov-12 4:14am View
Akinmade Bond 5-Nov-12 8:26am View
We need more info, like 'What is 'Lights'?' We can't see your screen, please use the 'Improve question' widget to "improve" your question.
Akinmade Bond 5-Nov-12 8:05am View
Happy to help. Can you then mark this question as solved? :)
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:35am View
Happy to help.
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:28am View
Oh, okay. You could try that too. And please, do someone else a favour by coming back here to write what worked. :)
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:26am View
No. Plus, this is not a question, I think, sounds more like a request.
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:23am View
Oh, I get a couple of that sometimes. Copy the dll to the desktop and add it from there, works for me. Sometimes VS tells me it can't access the path to a dll when it is in the project's folder.
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:18am View
That is 'Call of duty''s program right?
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:07am View
It is possible, if you know what to do. Else, ask him for hints.
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 3:47am View
Can you share some of the code you used to filter? Plus, could you try and rephrase what you mean by ' I can't filter all columns at a time. If I filter one column and go to other column and try to filter, it is filtering on newly binded data instead it should filter already filtered data.' Use the 'Improve question' widget to edit your question.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 13:18pm View
Could you share some of the code, we can't see your screen. :) And have you thought of 'break;'?
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 13:15pm View
Nope, If the 'external' program uses a dialog, the user can create a file/folders anywhere.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 12:47pm View
Take a look at the ControlBox property of form in design view and set it to false.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 11:01am View
Your question is not clear enough. Please, use the 'Improve question' widget to provide additional info.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 10:11am View
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 10:05am View
You asked the compiler to return the error, when an error is caught.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 9:56am View
Set the textbox readonly property.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 9:41am View
CodeProject does not answer HOMEWORK.
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 9:30am View
This is your homework!
Akinmade Bond 3-Nov-12 8:56am View
Oops. Hadn't noticed. :O
Akinmade Bond 2-Nov-12 13:03pm View
This would work.
Akinmade Bond 2-Nov-12 12:56pm View
You should use the KeyDown or PreviewKeyDown event. Plus, the code you got is not for WPF, it's for WinForm.
Akinmade Bond 2-Nov-12 12:51pm View
There is a simpler way, look at my answer.
Akinmade Bond 2-Nov-12 12:12pm View
I like the login in your answer. +4
Akinmade Bond 2-Nov-12 11:50am View
Your code would only work in WinForms, sorry.
Akinmade Bond 30-Oct-12 9:34am View
I can't see your question
Akinmade Bond 30-Oct-12 8:36am View
The link he provided should answer your question.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 7:15am View
CP does not answer homework.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 7:05am View
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 6:10am View
Dude, what have you tried?
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 6:02am View
You should Refresh the DataGridView after the 'Row updated' message.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 5:56am View
What does your form do after this.Close(); You should put breakpoints in your code to determine the line where the error is thrown. We cannot see your screen.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 5:43am View
You need to explain what you're trying to do or better still share code on what you have tried. Use the 'Improve question' widget to add more info.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 5:38am View
Remove the library and see if the menu bar is still not shown. That would help you get somewhere.
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 5:17am View
You want to make a firewall and I don't think you have any idea what a firewall is...
Akinmade Bond 28-Oct-12 5:16am View
What have you tried, use the 'Improve question' widget.
Akinmade Bond 23-Oct-12 14:08pm View
No! Gave ya a five. :)
Akinmade Bond 23-Oct-12 14:01pm View
Akinmade Bond 22-Oct-12 7:41am View
What folder exactly? If its a system folder, you might have to give elevated privileges to your program. Start by restarting your application as administrator.
Akinmade Bond 19-Oct-12 8:27am View
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 9:48am View
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 9:00am View
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 8:44am View
For the Mouse monitoring thingy... see the Code Project article.

I don't understand what you mean by 'retrieve data from file by expected order'
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 6:05am View
Then choose his answer as solution, so this question would be resolved. :)
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 5:53am View
Well, you didn't mark the answer as solution nor did you vote it. :) So, please do.
Akinmade Bond 18-Oct-12 5:52am View
And I'm guessing you've solved your problem through solution 1?
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 14:25pm View
Google is your best friend.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 14:22pm View
Nice tip. +5
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 14:20pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice work.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 14:01pm View
Nice, hadn't known bout those. Thanks.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 11:47am View
What do you mean by the right path?
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 11:45am View
You should try setting it to 1. &H1& in VB.Net translates to 1 in integer.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 10:44am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good work.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 10:32am View
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 10:16am View
I don't get your pattern. Unrecognised escape sequence.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:51am View
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:50am View
The event. Something like

Public Sub MyForm_Click(Sender a Object, e as EventArgs)
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:46am View
Yeah but you didn't add that to your code.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:42am View
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:40am View
And what can't you do? How to play the sound or how to create an event.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:35am View
Looks like checkbox is null. Inside what event did you copy your full code from?
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:34am View
That is no different from what he wrote.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 9:09am View
developerfusion does not convert C++ code.
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 7:35am View
Good. +5
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 7:32am View
Akinmade Bond 17-Oct-12 6:53am View
I do not understand what you mean by skipping an event, can you please explain what you really want?
Akinmade Bond 16-Oct-12 13:53pm View