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Akinmade Bond 28-Jan-15 6:27am View    
You can take an already beautified HTML page and add AngularJS markup to it. Its like taking a template and turning it into what you want.
Akinmade Bond 25-Jul-14 16:32pm View    
You can check the documentation on modals and preview the source of Bootstrap Modals
Akinmade Bond 18-Apr-14 6:30am View    
Why reinvent a commenting system. Use Disqus
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 17:01pm View    
Does PDF.js fit your needs?
Akinmade Bond 30-Mar-14 9:05am View    
Why is this a problem? I'm logged in on my phone to CP and on my PC and many other sites allow this too. So, I don't see how this is a serious problem for your client.

Although, you could run a script that checks if the user is currently logged in on the machine using AJAX or CURL by trying to access a restricted page and reading the results. If you get the login page or any other error, the user is not logged in, else you redirect the user to a "You're already logged in page."