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Member 8620759 29-Jul-16 5:51am View
I have used QoS and Traffic Control API's like TcAddFlow and TcAddFilter to control my applications download bandwidth usage.
We need to manipulate TC_GEN_FLOW, send and receive FLOWSPEC paramters.
Now I want to set the limit to exact 5Mbps, What are the value I will need to set for TokenBucketSize and TokenRate to limit the bandwidth to 5Mbps in FLOWSPEC structure?

Code snippet:
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.DelayVariation = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.Latency = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.MaxSduSize = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.MinimumPolicedSize = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.PeakBandwidth = POSITIVE_INFINITY_RATE;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.ServiceType = SERVICETYPE_NETWORK_CONTROL;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.TokenBucketSize = ?;
newFlow->ReceivingFlowspec.TokenRate = ?;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.DelayVariation = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.Latency = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.MaxSduSize = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.MinimumPolicedSize = QOS_NOT_SPECIFIED;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.PeakBandwidth = POSITIVE_INFINITY_RATE;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.ServiceType = SERVICETYPE_NETWORK_CONTROL;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.TokenBucketSize = ?;
newFlow->SendingFlowspec.TokenRate = ?;
Thanks & Regards
Member 8620759 3-Jan-14 0:13am View
do I need to open these website to query them...
Member 8620759 6-Jun-13 6:12am View
Thanks for replay .how to find the version of ffdshow?
Member 8620759 20-Feb-13 3:39am View
How to lock the stolen laptop if its IP address is traced ?or How to Encrypt or remote wipe the private data on stolen laptop ?
and is connected to internet.....