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Member 8622273 15-Dec-14 8:38am View
Member 8622273 4-Mar-14 0:10am View
in order to delete a column having dependencies, first you have to delete the constraint and then try to delete the column.
Member 8622273 11-Dec-13 3:01am View
use sqlcecommand
Member 8622273 7-Nov-13 5:59am View
in login code add this line Session["UserLevel"] = returnedLevel; at the submit page retrieve the value like returnedLevel = Convert.ToInt32(Session["UserLevel"]); now write if condition same as in login code to redirect to appropriate page.
Member 8622273 28-Aug-13 7:11am View
when u want to clear the dropdown
Member 8622273 28-Aug-13 7:00am View
use developer tools and check whether the style is getting overwritten by some other style
Member 8622273 23-Aug-13 4:45am View
when its throwing error?
Member 8622273 31-Mar-12 3:27am View
that's fine but i want to pass it by usercontrol.Please tell me how to achieve it