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Zon-cpp 22-Jul-19 1:37am View
no! it didn't blocked!!! the Fill() function returns and i can debug next lines. But i can't read the value of variables!
Zon-cpp 10-Oct-18 6:55am View
it is as a User DSN
I think my windows has problem to set an "account logon" for services. I can't set an account for my service. It has "Access denied" error!
Zon-cpp 22-May-18 5:14am View
Thank you
Zon-cpp 23-Jan-18 8:54am View
How do I create array of MyClass objects in a pure C (for extern "C")?
Zon-cpp 11-Dec-17 8:11am View
It is very obscure, And I do not have enough time.
I want a simple or Summery of it. To parse a jSon string and write a JSon string (contine some data value an arrays) in an unmanaged VC++ project
Zon-cpp 11-Dec-17 5:48am View
where is it? (to download)
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 7:46am View
Thank you, that is what i want.
But how do i get "sigcheck" utilty?
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 7:46am View
Thank you, that is what i want.
But how do i get "sigcheck" utilty?
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 7:24am View
I want to get version of 'my file' in CustomBuildStep of my project and write it in a text file. then in about window show that text file as version of my file.
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 7:20am View
It is a .dll file that was created by C# and it's version was defined in AssemblyInfo.cs
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 3:30am View
thank you @Jochen Arndt, I'll try to do these solutions and to comment the result to you.
Zon-cpp 18-Apr-17 2:10am View
I mean: I want check Dll Version in compile time, (not runtime!!!)
I want show compile time version, in a Static box in about dialog.
Zon-cpp 21-Feb-17 1:01am View
"other system" means systems that is not my system.
the .rpt file is in current path of exe file. the error isn't a "not find file" error. the error is about using crystal report...
Zon-cpp 1-Feb-17 1:28am View
Hi Dear @CHill60
yes, my code is in try...catch block.

without try...catch same error occoured again
Zon-cpp 5-Dec-16 5:17am View
But, I want to work on my diagram by Visio ! (change some class diagrams or other changes)
Zon-cpp 27-Aug-15 2:00am View
I edited my question, please read it. thank you.
Zon-cpp 26-Aug-15 7:45am View
when i use an activeX control in my VC++ project, i use the Properties window to add event handlers, an event sink map is declared and defined in my project.
But when i use Dll, i can't define and declare event handlers.

name of event is: TransactionDoneEvent(string msg)
when i call SendInfo() function of Dll, the event will be called.
Zon-cpp 26-Aug-15 7:08am View
thank you, but there isn't any document for the DLL.
Zon-cpp 6-Jul-15 5:19am View
In OnKeyUp event, what do I do when the text of control is a character else 'numbers' and 'dot'?
Zon-cpp 24-May-15 0:23am View
I checked value of sname and sFamily and info.LastName in Debug Mode and watch window. it dosen't need to choose font and should show string correctly.
Although sFamily has Persian characters with correct value.
Zon-cpp 19-Apr-15 3:28am View
ok, I 'll try it and tell you the result. Thank you.
can you get me a simple project that uses that Dll ?
Zon-cpp 19-Apr-15 3:09am View
i don't have a 'web service' project! or a 'web client' with some web requests...

I have a 'Windows Form' project in C# that add web reference and I call functions of web service that is added.

But connection with web service has a problem via proxy with user and password.
Zon-cpp 9-Apr-15 4:04am View
i mean , this was : A class defined or component, to access Sql database (like CRecordSet in VC++ ) that i work easily .
Zon-cpp 9-Apr-15 4:02am View
i mean , this was : A class defined or component, to access Sql database (like CRecordSet in VC++ ) that i work easily .
Zon-cpp 18-Feb-15 23:59pm View
Because in IDL import "oaidl.idl" and in my header file include "oaidl.h"
I think they are conflict. But how do i resolve?
Zon-cpp 18-Feb-15 5:32am View
I added my base class derived from IDispatch, then it have to include the 'oaidl.h'
when I include my base header in IDL, it get this errors:

error MIDL2003: redefinition : INT
error MIDL2003: redefinition : _LARGE_INTEGER
error MIDL2003: redefinition : _ULARGE_INTEGER
error MIDL2003: redefinition : Int64ShllMod32
error MIDL2025: syntax error : expecting ; near "{"
error MIDL2026: cannot recover from earlier syntax errors; aborting compilation

Zon-cpp 18-Feb-15 4:39am View
syntax error : expecting { near ","
Zon-cpp 18-Jan-15 8:13am View
Yes, I understand the document. But it isn't what I need.
I want a web service to use by any other clients, for example a C# client web project or VB or ... .
That document just use by a C++ client like its sample. I created "WsHttpCalculatorService.exe" service and run it. But i didn't can add the web service to a client project!
The url of this sample is "localhost/example" what was closed when I reference to it!
Zon-cpp 12-Jan-15 2:49am View
I just have 'Add' and 'References...'
Zon-cpp 12-Jan-15 1:05am View
I wrote several classes in VC++ and used CRecordSet, CString, CArray and some of other MFC classes. I want to use these my classes in a new project (web service). Then I cann't change all classes to use standard library.
I think , I should write web service in VC++ , without .Net framework (Unmanaged code). Is it correct? Is a simple Sample of web service in VC++ by Unmanaged code?
Zon-cpp 11-Jan-15 5:31am View
thank you,
you know, please:

[No need to reference the same page — SA]
Zon-cpp 7-Jan-15 6:05am View
thank you very much
Zon-cpp 1-Jan-15 1:21am View
I found, I can get seperator character with this code:


Thank you PeejayAdams ,
Zon-cpp 1-Jan-15 0:28am View
thank you.
can I get system setting for seperator character in my code (C#)? then I will create my .csv file using that seperator.
Zon-cpp 31-Dec-14 7:13am View
when I created a .csv file by MS Excel , itself. the file is created correctly.
I checked that file: the columns are Separated with semicolon , instead comma !
how this is possible , in the same version of MS Excel (2010)?!
Zon-cpp 31-Dec-14 6:49am View
my .csv file is created and it is opened by MS excel 2010 in windows 7,
but it can't be opened in windows XP.
my question is, why??!!!
Zon-cpp 16-Oct-14 4:31am View
my meaning is : can i specify a special path for EventLog, beside the path of exe file?
actually i used OriginalGriff1 's solution. thanks
Zon-cpp 15-Oct-14 8:24am View
by EventLog, can i specify a special path beside the exe file?
Zon-cpp 15-Oct-14 4:43am View
dose the 'File.AppendAllText()' synchronize?
how do i handle multi-threading project? with Lock()?
Zon-cpp 12-Oct-14 8:10am View
i can't log it, because one of errors is: the log file isn't created!
Zon-cpp 29-Sep-14 6:30am View
this solved my problem:
Zon-cpp 29-Sep-14 3:40am View
I'm using 'projectInstaller' of vc#
I don't find any item such dependencies!
Zon-cpp 28-Sep-14 8:48am View
but the installation has error:

The Specified Service already exists.

i want this installation uninstalls service and installs the new version of service with same name
Zon-cpp 28-Sep-14 8:43am View
how do i increase the ProductCode value ?
Zon-cpp 22-Sep-14 8:07am View
what are the clear operations for a thread?
Zon-cpp 20-Sep-14 3:19am View
but i have error: (for e.CurrentValue)

error CS1061: 'System.Windows.Forms.ItemCheckedEventArgs' does not contain a definition for 'CurrentValue' and no extension method 'CurrentValue' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Windows.Forms.ItemCheckedEventArgs' could be found
Zon-cpp 20-Sep-14 2:40am View
i want it never check or uncheck by mouse clicking or other. it just check by my code.
Zon-cpp 14-Sep-14 4:06am View
my project is in C#.

what file do i invoke in project? where is it?
Zon-cpp 5-Aug-14 1:10am View
I found a question: copy constructor and assignment operator only copy over m_id member - but not the actual contents of the CArray. It will always be empty (as in, GetSize() will return 0)
Zon-cpp 6-May-14 3:16am View
i remember that created my project in VC++ 2008 with default settings
Zon-cpp 6-May-14 3:14am View
no! i check it carefully.
both are in release mode and both are "Use MFC in a Static Library" in setting
Zon-cpp 5-Apr-14 6:29am View
hi, the spelling is correct but i found what is my problem :
2 services in sql server configuration was stopping (sql server explorer and sql server browser). i run them and solved my problem.
thank you
Zon-cpp 27-Mar-14 16:13pm View
without those spaces, too, i have "Statement ..." error.
Zon-cpp 27-Mar-14 16:08pm View
yes, p is true and myTable is created.
Zon-cpp 1-Mar-14 0:05am View
just, a simple sample for certificate checking in Http server , in VC++
Zon-cpp 25-Dec-13 4:59am View
my project is console and MFC then i don't use of #define DBG_NEW new
Zon-cpp 24-Dec-13 5:48am View
But this code conflict with uafxcwd.lib (added in "Additional dependency")
Zon-cpp 24-Dec-13 5:41am View
visual studio 2010 report memory leak in output window like this: Detected memory leaks! Dumping objects -> {18} normal block at 0x00780E80, 64 bytes long. Data: < > CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD But , it doesn't show name of the file and the line number where the leaked memory is first allocated.
Zon-cpp 24-Dec-13 4:36am View
visual studio 2010 report memory leak in output window like this:
Detected memory leaks!
Dumping objects ->
{18} normal block at 0x00780E80, 64 bytes long.

But , it doesn't show name of the file and the line number where the leaked memory is first allocated.
Zon-cpp 22-Dec-13 4:22am View
"\r\n0\r\n" for final sending has problem for IE
for resolve it should change it:

chunkEnd.DataChunkType = HttpDataChunkFromMemory;
chunkEnd.FromMemory.pBuffer = "0\r\n";
chunkEnd.FromMemory.BufferLength = 3;
HttpSendResponseEntityBody(ReqQueueHandle, HttpRequest->requestId,
HttpSendResponseEntityBody(ReqQueueHandle, HttpRequest->requestId,
Zon-cpp 17-Dec-13 4:06am View
the client is a socket client and does not use API Function.
what does the client to decode a chunke data that it is received?
Zon-cpp 16-Dec-13 4:48am View
thank you
Zon-cpp 15-Dec-13 5:40am View
Every programmer first of all search in MSDN
Zon-cpp 15-Dec-13 0:34am View
i read this page a hundred times, but I'm looking for examples.
thank you
Zon-cpp 13-Dec-13 23:55pm View
is the link a sample for using HttpSendResponseEntityBody?
Zon-cpp 12-Dec-13 2:52am View
it's mean that there is not example, to send http server, multi chunk data??!!!???
Zon-cpp 26-Aug-13 2:06am View
project directory in project settings under the debugging tab is : $(TargetPath)
i moved the exe file to the project directory and run it, but it need to files that is in debug folder!
reason for my problem is not in 2 case, so what?
Zon-cpp 5-Dec-12 23:47pm View
stop and start services in windows 7 is disabled for power users.