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Comments by merano99 (Top 200 by date)

merano99 9hrs 10mins ago View    
Have you tried to write the program? Please show the attempt here and ask a specific question. If someone were to write the program for you, you would hardly make any progress.
merano99 4 days ago View    
I'm delighted, congratulations!
merano99 4 days ago View    
This function is far from what it should be. Please open a new question for this. Also use the prototype I suggested, otherwise it won't work.
merano99 4 days ago View    
For performance optimization, you could perhaps also use std::transform.
transform(values.begin(), values.end(), back_inserter(averages),
[](const Value &v) { return (v[0] + v[1]) / 2.0; });
merano99 4 days ago View    
After I added the missing parts, the solution seems to work. I had tested it, of course. What exactly is not working yet?