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Taresh Uppal 11-Apr-13 1:14am View    
I have already done that !
Taresh Uppal 11-Feb-13 7:06am View    
Actually Ineeded the XML coz there will be two kinds of user..One having read only access to my app and other having read and write both. So to check the users of each kind I need to keep one of the user's data into the xml on the project itself So that I can differentiate easily and make my choices according to it.
Anyways thanx for the link. It worked for me and I have coded the xml part too. Thanx again !
Taresh Uppal 11-Feb-13 7:04am View    
Hey Jose, Thanks for your time !
This provides me how to manipulate the data inside my excel sheet. However, I want is that like say If my excel is missing some column, If data type of some column is wrong, or if in a particular cell I need some custom data of specific pattern...How to achieve that ?
Taresh Uppal 11-Jan-13 0:58am View    
I am using this page only for my reference however I am not able to get what's the problem. Means Where I need to actually modify my code so that the data I am entering in my sheet can also be visible in pie chart format ???
Taresh Uppal 9-Jan-13 1:34am View    
Actually what I wanted to say is that I am not able to get a clear picture that from where to start and how to proceed. Thank you sir for your guidance. Will let you know once I conclude something out on my won. Hope you will help me again !