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anurag9179 22-Mar-18 9:25am View
Hi David, Thanks for reply. Yes, in WPF and WCF application i need to set receiveTimeout="00:59:00" sendTimeout="00:59:00 on both client and service side. I did it only server side. after update on client side it was working.
anurag9179 30-Aug-17 6:10am View
Hello OriginalGriff,

I already did google thats why I put this question on code project.
anurag9179 2-Mar-16 7:22am View
"strNetworkFileName" is local path of file and "networkPath" is destination path
e.g strNetworkFileName = @"\\local-machine-name\folder\filename.txt";
networkPath= @"\\destination-machine-name\folder\filename.txt";
anurag9179 23-Jun-14 1:22am View