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DontLaughtIMLearning 28-Feb-12 1:33am View    
Thanks. I have leaning OpenGL for about 2 to 3 weeks. A few things still don't make sense. I'll read you tutorial and post my next question as an OpenGL question.
DontLaughtIMLearning 28-Feb-12 1:16am View    
And you still seem to make a lot of assumptions about me. And still want to sound condescending. What you want is to make a point. I also suggest that you also read and understand the question before commenting.
It is as easy to understand as 1+2: Most Smart phones have internet. That is obvious. Everybody want internet on their phone. Whether they pay for it or not, that is not my problem. I also already have internet on my side. Whether i pay for it or not, that is not YOUR problem. Now, all those are givens.
let me repeat: "They are givens". So stop stating the obvious.
What my question is about is the service added on top: IM. Meaning: You are off topic.
IM does not add any extra cost while sms does. If you are not sure about that, send 1000 sms's to a friend and 1000 IM's to another. Then try so see how much money you lose in both cases.
If you know a way an IM automatically can temporarily turn on the internet connection of the person who will receive it then do answer the question. If you don't, please find something else to do. Answer another question that you actually read, go fry an egg, go compare the cost of 1000 sms and 1000 IM... But, just don't just comment to a question to just make your presence felt.
And please only reply when you have something important to say about my actual question. Or come back to apologize and say you did not read the question.
DontLaughtIMLearning 27-Feb-12 15:59pm View    
I'm not getting cocky. You are getting condescending. We are here talking about the cost that i see. And that is free Instant messaging. I might not know how a car works, but as long as i am getting it for free, i will consider it free. I don't have to go study mechanical engineering. I got the car for free. I'm returning you the question. Do you know what you are talking about?
DontLaughtIMLearning 27-Feb-12 15:11pm View    
No, internet is not free, but Instant messaging is free. eg: WhatApp, Kik Messenger ... Now, i also wonder where You live or if you have used a smart phone before!
DontLaughtIMLearning 27-Feb-12 14:18pm View    
SMS costs money. i have an application that sends sms'es to my clients. In the future, this is going to be expensive for me. that is why i am thinking of instant Messaging. But not everyone keep their internet connection on.