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Rachana Patel 28-Jan-14 9:21am View
Thank you for your post.
I know how it works but what is +1 and +0 indicating not sure.
If you can help with that that would be great.
Here is full syntax column2 = =IIf( [Column1]<>0 ,+1 ,+0)

Thank you,
Rachana Patel 19-Sep-12 14:58pm View
I didn't copy whole code I just copy some part of it for example. I don't want to compile it.
Rachana Patel 18-May-12 13:36pm View
I can not use below solution becuase the requirement is like, I have text file and I am converting text file into xml file in my xsd datatype for DOB is date , and I cannot change it, while reading txt file takig datetime in string format, so need to convert because datatype in xsd is date I only want date part.
Rachana Patel 18-May-12 9:50am View
I want to format the date because in my xsd DOB's datatype is date only.
Rachana Patel 5-Apr-12 14:59pm View
I found the solutin for that But facing new problem I want to apply alternaterow style to table, I am not able to do that.
Solution for my first problem is
My css like below
.GridViewStyle tr

and apply css like below:
<div class="container GridViewStyle">
Rachana Patel 5-Apr-12 14:17pm View
I forgot to mention that I am using BluePrint stuff in my project, that might be a problem.
Rachana Patel 2-Apr-12 14:44pm View
I wrote dropdown change event using jquery, Now I want to show textbox and it's lable while other is selected in dropdown. I tried ("#idofthelable").show() But it didn't work for me. I also tried ("#idofthe label").attr("Visibility","visible"). This also didn't work for me.
Rachana Patel 29-Mar-12 10:12am View
I did that , But still not working properly.
Rachana Patel 22-Mar-12 10:16am View
I did the same thing using
function refreshcurrentPage(redirectingPage) {
var page = redirectingPage
window.location.href = page;
But this is refreshing my page 2 times.
Rachana Patel 22-Mar-12 9:42am View
I want to update some content of page, I am using popup window.
Rachana Patel 20-Mar-12 14:58pm View
here is my code:
<asp:TextBox ID=" txtEmployeeName " runat="server" ValidationGroup="grpEmployee" TextMode="MultiLine" >

<div id="divEmployeeError" style="display: none">
<span class="error">Employee Name is required.</span>
<asp:CustomValidator ID="EmployeeValidator" runat="server" ValidationGroup=" grpEmployee"
ValidateEmptyText="true" ControlToValidate=" txtEmployeeName " ClientValidationFunction="validateEmployee" >
function validateEmployee (sender, arg) {
if ($("input[id$= txtEmployeeName]").val() == "") {
$("#divEmployeeError ").show("slow");
$('#btnEmployeeSave').attr('disabled', 'disabled');
arg.IsValid = false;
else {
document.getElementById("btnEmployeeSave'").disabled = false;
arg.IsValid = true;
Rachana Patel 13-Mar-12 14:39pm View
I already tried but requirements are like I have Master page, two aspx page, from first aspx page I am calling another aspx as popup window using jquery fancybox. I wrote this pluging in my master page and not working for pop up window. So I need to find alternate solution.
Rachana Patel 13-Mar-12 10:47am View
I have set timeout = 25 min and I want to give message to user @20min your session is about to expire.if user clicks on OK I am extending session for another 25min. and user clicks on Cancel redirecting on LogOff page.But If user doesn't click on ok or cancel within 5min I want to redirect user to logoff page.
Rachana Patel 5-Mar-12 9:58am View
I am using confirm button for session timeout, I am extending session on click of ok but If user don't click on ok or cancel button of confirm button then I want to redirect user to logoff page.
Thank you.
Rachana Patel 2-Mar-12 10:59am View
I am using javascript's confirm button for session timeout and i want to change button text Ok to Yes keep working and Cancel to No.
Rachana Patel 1-Mar-12 14:36pm View
Yes You are right, I found exact problem because I am writing jquery plugin in Master page so when i call my iframe there are two instance pages are open that's why jquery plugin not working, now i need to figure out how to solve this problem...
Rachana Patel 28-Feb-12 16:06pm View
It's loading perfectly because when put iframe idle state it is giving alert you want to extend your session when I click on Yes still it's going to logOff page.
I am not able to find anything why it's not working.