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Comments by foxyland (Top 2 by date)

foxyland 20-Mar-12 18:16pm View    
I don't know about hard to debug, but in my case, I have a rule that if I found any SP too complex to follow/debug (say sp_One), than I've made it too general. Meaning that I have to create another SP to handle some 'jobs' that actually could've been handled by sp_One.

IMHO, as long as the programmer keep focus on the problem and not tempted to create a general-purpose-all-accepted-sp, Dynamic SQL is a powerful tool. As always with every power tool in the world, there is a message: "Use it wisely" :)

foxyland 20-Mar-12 7:32am View    
elad shalom: why? what's wrong with Dynamic SQL? How come it makes your code look bad?