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kimberly wind 22-Mar-13 8:32am View    
i have table it contains more than 50 columns. while i do data import am getting error string binary turncated. so they reason obvious is length of the column i have created in table. so need to alter the size of column . so i have to check the legnth of each columns that i imported to database then only i can able to insert in table . but checking max length for 50 columns is little tough . so i tried this method :(
kimberly wind 22-Mar-13 8:23am View    
hey result still same :(
kimberly wind 13-Mar-13 5:13am View    
Nope everything is correct . I don't want to export via wizard . thro query only wanna do
kimberly wind 11-Mar-13 6:29am View    
Hi Pranit
I googled but answers are not much clear
Ex this link is fail to explain what kind of things its tracking and all . That's what i raised doubt here
kimberly wind 5-Mar-13 6:48am View    
Hi ,
Your write in a way

My 5