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Comments by KanetiyaNik (Top 4 by date)

KanetiyaNik 22-Jun-13 8:41am View    
Thank you..
KanetiyaNik 13-Feb-13 8:02am View    
Good Luck..:-)
KanetiyaNik 13-Feb-13 5:25am View    
And where Is "cmd.ExctueNonQuery()"??
If I m not wrong you just forget to excute the command...
You have just give query to SqlCommand Object but forget to exctue it...
So just use cmd.ExcuteNonQuery()
Than only your command will excute...
KanetiyaNik 13-Feb-13 5:22am View    
Will you give the detail about what is Roles.AddUserToRole function is used for??