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mane0806 27-Oct-13 23:31pm View    
sorry but we can do that as i have already mentioned that i have already call aspx page inside div tag.
mane0806 23-Sep-12 9:27am View    
in my code x and z are defined globally.
i got by my thanks for your help
mane0806 8-Jun-12 23:45pm View    
In my code i had mentioned multiselect=true i just forgot to write here..see in that dialogbox all types of file can be seen bt except .acc audio file.. i guess windows to dont detect .acc file coz i searched in drives bye typing ".acc" they didnt show me anything but when i searched by typing ".mp3" all files were shown...
mane0806 7-Jun-12 23:32pm View    
in above links there is no description for making butns dragable. i need that..
mane0806 6-Jun-12 22:34pm View    
i had left some Imp points..but now i got it..thankx..