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Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:51am View
Name the chart you want to use. Also if you want Bar or pie charts, then logically total of all fields will not be part of pies/bars. However, Total would be shown separately.
Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:45am View
Please elaborate the problem more clearly.
Paste your code snippet in the section "What I have tried:"
Vipin_Arora 27-Nov-18 3:42am View
Are you working on Windows forms, ASP.NET or Cshtml?
Also check whether problem exist only while printing with your application or is it a printer/driver issue
Vipin_Arora 19-Dec-16 5:11am View
You are little bit late..just 4 years
Vipin_Arora 25-Sep-16 11:36am View
Thanks Suvendu. Can u share the reference or code snippet.
Vipin_Arora 5-Jul-16 11:47am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice.. tip Vijendra
Vipin_Arora 27-Dec-14 11:28am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice Tip
Vipin_Arora 22-Aug-13 6:10am View
According to this solution, I have to change the code of every page, but I need to done on IIS level
Vipin_Arora 20-May-13 6:45am View
Yes, I am using new connection each time, I have added code snippet also.
Vipin_Arora 1-Apr-13 23:57pm View
issue has been resolved
Vipin_Arora 16-Jan-13 23:55pm View
The new data is appended at the end of the file, not overwriting the existing content.
Vipin_Arora 16-Jan-13 4:03am View
I m sorry, previously I wrote create mode mistakenly. thats why I delete it. I cross check the same and it is actually:Append
Vipin_Arora 16-Jan-13 4:00am View
Its not: FileMode.Create.
It is: FileMode.Append
Vipin_Arora 16-Jan-13 2:45am View
Vipin_Arora 15-Jan-13 23:17pm View
But it is the case only on one machine (64-bit win2008 server), on other machines (64-bit win2008 server), it is working fine
Vipin_Arora 14-Jan-13 10:10am View
junk characters are like:

6A¦''?LP¤¹¾”¬Ì»†Oæl(#©¤-–<‘ô§ÆÛ—švpÜu¥ãž”¸”‡¤4î=)1íGAŠSÖšN:΁ÏZöàR~'ð¥Æ{ÄÑÓ°¥öüai‡ƒÎsFqG^1Iß­(è}(è;P>”¤sŠFéïô£¶I£4ޝE;©ëùRtíH9Ï ~§ëIüx'ŠQŒ›ëJõ¤ÉÍ)¸¤$t=¨'èsA Û4‡Ž£ó§/AÁçÞ—qÏåM¥Ï°üé¹çÿ
Vipin_Arora 29-Nov-12 22:50pm View
Yes, It is pinging perfectly.
Also Ipconfig on this machine showing IP address correctly, the same I am getting from the command:GetHostByAddress
Vipin_Arora 17-Sep-12 2:49am View
throgh IKVM, when I am trying to convert the class file of java into DLL, It is creating with some warnings. It couldn't found some of the class files,but the class files are existing. can u help me where (on which location) it is expecting those dependencies, all files are currently residing with my class file??
Vipin_Arora 17-Sep-12 2:49am View
throgh IKVM, when I am trying to convert the class file of java into DLL, It is creating with some warnings. It couldn't found some of the class files,but the class files are existing. can u help me where (on which location) it is expecting those dependencies, all files are currently residing with my class file??
Vipin_Arora 27-Jul-12 3:06am View
the Same (AND operator) I have suggested and its got downvoted...without any comment
Vipin_Arora 18-Jul-12 3:58am View
We have a requirement to run on Windows only.
Can you provide or guide some ActiveX control?
Vipin_Arora 18-Jul-12 3:26am View
I know browser do not have capability, but
Is there any DLL or something through which I can Integrate my ASP.NET page to flat bed scanner??
Vipin_Arora 12-Jul-12 12:32pm View
Its fine session I can handle ...but my question is..I want want to open the page in new window... on click event of asp button
Vipin_Arora 12-Jul-12 12:28pm View
Response.Redirect will not open it in new window..I want to open the details page in new window
Vipin_Arora 2-Jul-12 3:32am View
Sanjay 1 more thing, that I want to know...the solution that you have provided I got clickable columns..but I also want full column selected and want to get the headertext text(i.e. selected) in a variable..can u help?
Vipin_Arora 2-Jul-12 3:11am View
Thanks Sanjay.. if u wish, u can put your answer as a solution...I will accept it as a solution..
Vipin_Arora 2-Jul-12 1:53am View
columns are not clickable in this link..I need clickable columns
Vipin_Arora 2-Jul-12 1:52am View
Hi Sanjay,
u got my point,I need every column clickable, but I didnt find such property (sorting or sotable) in ASP.NET
Vipin_Arora 30-Jun-12 2:36am View
Hi atiq,
I have improved my answer, these links might help you.
Vipin_Arora 26-Jun-12 0:00am View
thanks for upvoted my answer
Vipin_Arora 18-Jun-12 23:30pm View
thanks for the link
Vipin_Arora 14-Jun-12 4:08am View
I hv solved my problem myself... I post the answer...and it is
thats sounds intersting...
Vipin_Arora 8-Jun-12 8:01am View
yes, we are using third party Dlls (unmanaged code)
Vipin_Arora 4-Jun-12 5:33am View
Do you want to create the Exe??
Vipin_Arora 17-May-12 0:41am View
to the point: +5
Vipin_Arora 16-May-12 23:40pm View
Dear Amit Sir, this is humble request to you that please do not use these kind of words or language. Insults are not welcome.
Vipin_Arora 15-May-12 1:56am View
are you using Winforms or ASP.NET page?
Vipin_Arora 15-May-12 1:35am View
+5 for nice link
Vipin_Arora 14-May-12 5:08am View
Vipin_Arora 11-May-12 1:07am View
thx shiva for accepting the answer
Vipin_Arora 10-May-12 0:58am View
trick that is provided in video will also work for ASP.NET also.
Vipin_Arora 2-May-12 2:41am View
thanks John... Its working ....
Vipin_Arora 2-May-12 2:25am View
Thanks John, but

at line:
class Sorter : IComparer <fileinfo>

Its giving Error: "Type or nameSpace 'fileinfo' couldn't be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly refence.)"
Vipin_Arora 1-May-12 2:13am View
Thanks for accepting the Answer ....
Happy Coding :)
Vipin_Arora 1-May-12 1:53am View
Hi danish,
Is your problem resolved?
Vipin_Arora 1-May-12 1:48am View
Do u want a counter on each click on Windows form??
Vipin_Arora 30-Apr-12 2:19am View
Thanks for accepting answer shiva
Vipin_Arora 28-Apr-12 5:44am View
Thanks Adeel for accepting Answer!!
Best of Luck for ur interview
Vipin_Arora 28-Apr-12 3:31am View
thanks shivanand to accept the answer
Vipin_Arora 26-Apr-12 12:03pm View
Well..I dont have much knowledge of PHP
Vipin_Arora 26-Apr-12 7:57am View
yes.. +5
Vipin_Arora 26-Apr-12 7:10am View
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 8:22am View
your email ID?
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 8:16am View
Well nothing much I can do from here..

but try to check TimeOut of SQL Server in IIS, also if IIS session mode in session state is "In process", then try after changing it.
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 7:55am View
Then You have one more option, Make a dummy website with two pages..with a button only..on click event of button set value to Session variable and redirect to another page and postback that page (refresh) and see whether Session value persists or can check by your similar code:

if (Session["user"] == null)
{ Session.Abandon();


If values persists, then it means there is problem in your code and you have to go through it once again.

If value doesnt persist, it means your IIS is problematic.
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 7:47am View
Also check the Connection Timeout of IIS, by IIS->Session State->Under Cookies settings, set Timeout around 20 mins
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 7:42am View
Ok..then Go to your IIS->AppPool("Default Website" in case you didnt create any Pool)->Advance Settings->ConnectionLimits->ConnectionTimout..
Check the value..if it is too low then, set it to around 120 seconds
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 7:32am View
are you using any UpdatePanel on your page or you are using any Link with "http://" in your code file??
Vipin_Arora 25-Apr-12 3:13am View
For partial Page Updation, UpdatePanel of AJAX
Vipin_Arora 24-Apr-12 7:12am View
Use LinkButton instead of having <li>
Vipin_Arora 24-Apr-12 5:42am View
do you mean you want to take the backup of SQL database using C# programatically?
Vipin_Arora 23-Apr-12 1:18am View
nice link :)
Vipin_Arora 20-Apr-12 2:14am View
Amazing Example
Vipin_Arora 19-Apr-12 8:41am View
Debug your code with F11
Vipin_Arora 18-Apr-12 12:41pm View
well its working fine for me.
dt1 must get the value:04-12

For testing, u can try this code on a button click, show the value of dt1 in messagebox. u will definitely got : 04-12
Vipin_Arora 18-Apr-12 8:43am View
+5 for nice link
Vipin_Arora 17-Apr-12 2:41am View
Reason for my vote of 5
nice Info
Vipin_Arora 16-Apr-12 1:41am View
Hi dipesh,
I agree but... what if uid=29 does not exist?? then you have to handle it on front end only..
Vipin_Arora 12-Apr-12 7:28am View
Reason for my vote of 5
to the point
Vipin_Arora 11-Apr-12 3:39am View
Yeah Thanks a lot VJ, but I hv already got the answer same way (through Foreach Loop).. thx 4 your valuable suggestions..
Vipin_Arora 10-Apr-12 5:53am View
can't understand the line:
FirstOrDefault (n => n.HeaderText.Equals(headerText, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase));

can you plz clarify?
Vipin_Arora 10-Apr-12 5:21am View
Thanks VJ,

My vote is +5. but, this answer is looking perfect when ColumnName and headerText are same.

But my requirement is I am getting headertext, through which I hv to get Index. (Note: My hederText and ColumnName are different)

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