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Namit KB 11-May-15 4:29am View    
How to terminate CSV File data into XSLT in BCP Format
Namit KB 11-May-15 4:28am View    
Sorry for the mistake, Please read the updated Question
Namit KB 30-Apr-15 8:30am View    
But what if I have 5 million of records and each record contain almost 20 column, I want to decrease the time
Namit KB 11-Mar-13 3:39am View    
It looks good, i will try it. but, in this no need to write session anywhere like
Namit KB 11-Mar-13 0:52am View    
Thanks for the reply...In my web project i was used session that why, they asked me this question and i was never used this in my project. So asking, how to call it.