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Argonia 4-Feb-15 2:40am View
If I remember correctly in the schools (at least when I was in one) we learned about pi way before sin and cos. asin and acos were taught in university.
Pi was never exactly explained what it was, just that it came from nature and we should use it like some magical number who has no end. And circles are far before trigonometry.
Maybe I remember correctly or maybe the education program wasn't good enough. After all not all of us had the opportunity to learn math in Russia.
Argonia 3-Feb-15 8:42am View
This is evil, pure evil. What if the OP is some 6th grader who is just learning to program and you use such evil words like cos? How you gonna explain to a sixth grader the acos function? Why should he or she see what evil awaits him/her ?
Argonia 13-May-14 11:37am View
So <codebase> and GAC didn't do the trick, the <probing> works but only if the folder with the dlls has in its path the path of the application.
After some messing around with the code I found that the classes are used as TypeConverter and they are not found.
In my control i have PropertyGrid with few classes with custom TypeConverter derived from ExpandableObjectConverter.
Any suggestions ?
Argonia 1-May-14 1:15am View
The control is used in native code as well.
Argonia 30-Apr-14 11:01am View
Oh, yes i will try that, thank you. I will tell you the results when its ready
Argonia 30-Apr-14 9:14am View
When A is registered B is in the same folder yes. When i run the cv ++ application calling A though COM it seems that the classes used in A from B cannot be found, yes you are close. When i add the A and B dlls in the same folder with the vc++ exe everything is fine and runing
Argonia 30-Apr-14 9:05am View
Yes i am sorry i will change the names right away. I didn't name them correctly. Their real names are nothing with the given :)
Argonia 30-Apr-14 9:00am View
I forgot to mention that Kernel.dll is handwritten too. If i remove it the CSharpComponent.dll wont be able the find it because its not part of the Framework
Argonia 30-Apr-14 8:54am View
Yes it does. During the registration the Kernel dll is in the same folder with CSharpComponent.dll. RegAsm doesn't show any errors.
Argonia 30-Apr-14 8:46am View
CSharpComponent.dll is not any dll from the MS. Its handwritten and normally the bat file with the registration is started from the same folder where the two dlls are. Thats why there is no need for full path of the dll.
You will not find it in the systemxx folder
Argonia 30-Apr-14 8:31am View
I ashamed my family! After this problem is solved I should commit sempuku. :P
Two rabbits with one stone
1)Maybe I wont face the Member
2)I wont deal with this cr@p again :) The project is not mine to deal with in the first place. I just got the short straw (again):((
Argonia 30-Apr-14 8:26am View
I am scared, but I am fighting with this problem for quite a while and i don't have any choice :(
Argonia 2-Apr-14 3:17am View
I think he is trying to ask how to use virtual functions. As far as i understand he is trying to execute different code with the same function for different objects.
Please see what virtual functions are and how they work
Argonia 21-Aug-13 4:13am View
For that kind of paths its better to use SHGetSpecialFolderPath function (
Argonia 21-Aug-13 4:01am View
Your code generates only letters. What about numbers and symbols ?
Argonia 22-Jul-13 8:39am View
Please add the message you are getting from the crash. I am guessing you are freeing something too early.
Argonia 8-Feb-13 8:48am View
Argonia 8-Feb-13 8:46am View
if its only for calling methods you can just add it in the References.
Argonia 8-Feb-13 8:36am View
Check the handler for the button click event and see if the member of the second CDialog [derived] class (assuming you mean dialog with form)calls DoModal()
Argonia 29-Jan-13 4:21am View
Thank you
Argonia 29-Jan-13 4:03am View
You are telling me that the globals should be declared in the source file not the header or there is a trick about adding .c file with globals into c++ projects?
Argonia 29-Jan-13 3:43am View
I have a question. Lets say you have some global variables some consts for example the maximum range of few arrays and so on . Where will you declare them in which .h file to be filled the encapsulation rule of oop and what about using "#pragma one" in headers ?
Argonia 25-Jan-13 8:01am View
I think you should catch the WM_CLOSE, WM_QUIT and so on(be sure to check all closing messages) in your class for tabbed window in the function PreTranslateMessage. About that function which was suggested by Sergey. It works only if you close your window from the Control menu(The small buttons in the upper right corner of the app).
Argonia 9-Jan-13 5:45am View
I have a question about WTL. I read somewhere that Microsoft isn't supporting "officially" this library and i see its open source. Is using WTL good thing i mean everyone can change it in the way it shouldn't work for example in a way to compromise the security of your application.
So my question is really WTL so useful ? Are there risks using it ?
Argonia 8-Jan-13 4:39am View
You have to return a value with the same type of the function if its different from void
Argonia 8-Jan-13 4:38am View
In c++ when you call a function the declaration or at least the definition should be in front of the code where you call the function. When a function is with type except void then it should return a value from the same type with return .
Argonia 8-Jan-13 3:06am View
I think you misspelled homework with research work
Argonia 6-Dec-12 4:44am View
why just don't you make a class instead of this struct in c#?
Argonia 4-Dec-12 10:18am View
i think you can just do it with one if else construction using the operator !=
Argonia 28-Nov-12 7:50am View
You give too little information- what is the message you get when the application crashes, where exactly it does, did you debug it, maybe uninitialized variable etc...
Argonia 28-Nov-12 4:04am View
I faced similar problem but with more classes and functions. I can offer you to consider moving the class in a different DLL , which will be called when the class is needed in the other DLLs. The other solution i see is to call the one dll containing the class definition into the other but not always this is a good idea
Argonia 23-Nov-12 11:10am View
i have a suggestion ... google it
Argonia 22-Nov-12 11:12am View
Ok first i work on Visual Studio 2010 so maybe the next i write isn't entirely true . First like i see it i think maybe you don't call the lib right and the method you call is trowing an exception. You can try to debug it with Disassembly window (if there is such thing in VS 2008) and see exactly where the error is thrown. Maybe you need to call some other function before this one.
The other thing you can try i enable all Exceptions (Ctrl + Alt + E in VS 2010) to see if some variable initialization is going wrong or something like that .
Good luck
Argonia 22-Nov-12 11:04am View
If your set of possible base classes is not infinite you can always downcast the child class and check which is(are) the base class(es). For downcasting i recommend dynamic_cast but for sure check all kinds :)
Argonia 22-Nov-12 10:59am View
Well you can wait for a valid address entered by the user . Be sure to check it if its valid and then just send a package to the address and wait for the answer aka ping. How to ping with c++ ? First you need to know the port . The rest is easy - the first result from googling c++ ping
Argonia 20-Nov-12 8:57am View
What about if the isEmployer is 'E' but the hasLocation is not a 'L'? then the cout wont be executed in the first code.
If you use a if-else statement and with no brackets the else statement is for the last added if .
Argonia 29-Oct-12 10:21am View
You cannot create an instance of a DLL . The instances are made of classes and you need a registered class which is derived by some interfaces (maybe control and /or one for events) which describes the functions from these interfaces . Maybe this link will help you. There is really nice tutorial in msdn too
Argonia 29-Oct-12 3:35am View
There is similar question here
And i would just keep the path to the xml file.There is no way (at least i don't know a way) to keep a whole file into the registry. Save and read only the path to it
P.S use the Microsoft's library for reading a xml file msxml
Argonia 19-Oct-12 9:23am View
What kind of error do you get ?
Argonia 19-Oct-12 9:16am View
well you can create another constructor with params that doesn't do anything or at least doesn't print anything.As far as i know when you create an object from a class depending on how you create it always the classes constructor is called. Even if you don't declare your own one the compiler adds one with no params(default constructor).My point is when you create object a constructor is always called :)
Argonia 18-Oct-12 10:21am View
You can try sending a message
Argonia 11-Oct-12 1:58am View
The floating windows (of the Com object) still get overlapped by the parent(hAtl) and the dialog. :(
Argonia 10-Oct-12 10:42am View
if these Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete are buttons you can catch the message WM_CONTEXMENU (if you want to disable them if the context menu is activated ) or WM_RBUTTONDOWN for just a click .You can disable them with CButton::EnableWindow(FALSE / TRUE)
Argonia 10-Oct-12 10:36am View
Did you look at the Microsoft lib for XML ? MSXML
Argonia 10-Oct-12 8:40am View
the floating child window still gets overlapped by the window container in this case hAtl and yes hSelf is the HWND of the dialog
Argonia 9-Oct-12 10:14am View
in what kind do you want to change the Frame ? Maybe you should use MESSAGE_MAPS and make some handler of an event and change the appearance in there?
Argonia 5-Oct-12 10:25am View
you have to reg the dll using regasm and import the tlb file
Argonia 2-Oct-12 9:42am View
If under Active Directory you mean the folder in which your exe will be executed just use CFile (CStdioFile i think that class will do) and use only the name of the new folder. Don't use paths.This will make the new file in the same folder where your exe is located. Be careful with CFile:: modes
Argonia 27-Sep-12 9:59am View
Use OLE/Com object viewer (or similar program) to see if the DirectShow API isn't available for you to use directly. I use that program and it saved me a lot of time. It helps you with the exported functions as well
Argonia 21-Sep-12 1:48am View
Yes the dll gets control the problem is i cant manage to call the managed function. I have to export unmanaged function so my project can call it properly. I haven't look deeply the CodePrject article which was given from Richard MacCutchan but when i look it (yes i can google) i noticed that in both examples the first function which gets called is managed.
Argonia 20-Sep-12 9:06am View
Well the strange thing is when i tested the dll as an exe it worked just fine but now when it compiled as dll and called from native project it doesnt allow unmanaged function to call managed.
If you can provide me with similar example how this should be done will be great.All i can find is the other way around. A .net project is calling a mixed dll.
Argonia 20-Sep-12 8:50am View
I just did and i saw that it steps into the dll function which is exported but when its called EntryPointClassStart it gives exception. I guess i didn't make the "unmanage code calling manage code" thing right.
Argonia 19-Sep-12 1:44am View
strLogFile (and the others) is CString variable and i need to transform it to char* to pass it. When i call the function pointer it gives the error right after the third call to GetString is completed
Argonia 18-Sep-12 10:08am View
Sorry, It's not this, i just made a mistake when i copied
Argonia 14-Sep-12 9:09am View
Now i just have to find suitable types in c++ which can hold values from the types in f# :'(
Argonia 15-Aug-12 1:51am View
Did you debug it ? does it reach to the LoadStringW and SetPaneText for the second pane ?
Argonia 14-Aug-12 7:45am View
Please paste the correct code. OnUpdatePane is pasted wrong . Please fix it. I suggest you try with LoadString instead of LoadStringW and put a breakpoint there and see if your program does this code and i dont understand where exactly you put the last 2 lines of code in which function ?
Argonia 10-Aug-12 6:29am View
What about a class derived from CFrameWnd ?
Argonia 3-Aug-12 2:13am View
I am an absolute idiot . The problem was in the post build events . We are using env folder and in these events the built dlls were copied into the folder with the old names.Thanks to all who answered my question espetially pasztorpisti :)
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:25am View
one word - wincvs :D its good i didn't update all my versions of the project.
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:19am View
its written in c++ with .cpp files and nowhere in the dll i have __declspec(dllexport) only extern "C" __stdcall and .def file
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:18am View
few bugs were fixed , some function were changed nothing major
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:09am View
No both versions are compiled /build in Visual Studio 2010. In the second dll (the new ) they dont appear that way . The old is ok and there everything work normally i tested it

Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:08am View
it doesn't crash .It doesnt call the functions it should and when i use the second pointer the program jumps to some irrelevant function not even from the same dll even i am not sure whats going there cuz when i debug it i saw that it takes the next message from the message queue and just executes the handler.For the first pointer when i use it as far as i understand from the disassembly it just moves some info in the memory it tries to call something but nothing happened
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:03am View
I don't understand how the older version of the same dll shows that mangling names when i use dumpbin and the new version is just the names from .def file .That strange to me
Argonia 2-Aug-12 10:00am View
I call LoadLibrary() with full path
Argonia 2-Aug-12 9:41am View
not null and that GetLastError() doesn't return anything
I guess my question got too long for someone to read :)
Please see what i wrote about the dll and dumpbin /exports i think something isn't right with it
Argonia 2-Aug-12 9:36am View
When i check what is in the function pointers there is only some place in the memory. If i check the other "working" pointers they have the mangling name which i saw in the dumpbin / exports
Argonia 2-Aug-12 6:46am View
Checked nothing . I tried to enumerate the functions in .def file with @1-N where N is the number of the exported functions . Still GetProcAddress() returns invalid not null address with no function in it
GetLastError() returns 0
Argonia 2-Aug-12 6:21am View
still the same . The functions doesn't get called
Argonia 2-Aug-12 5:45am View
yes i am sure i just checked it
Argonia 26-Jul-12 7:13am View
Thx to all for your answers i decided to make it like pasztorpisti suggested ,but a little bit different. I just made the real function ,which is doing all the hard work in the same dll where it has access to the variable . I exported it and just made in the other dll other function , which takes the parameters calls the new function from the first dll and gives the params to it.
Argonia 15-Jun-12 1:59am View
try with different browser
Argonia 14-Jun-12 1:46am View
actually its she :) Yes i assumed that he is using MFC
Argonia 13-Jun-12 9:44am View
It is in the UI Thread (more specifically the one which loads the window and all the bars and ets.)
I wonder why when in FromName loads the AFX_MODULE_STATE s the pModuleState->m_classList is empty (i am not sure if the CBCGPTabbedControlBar should be here )
and pModuleState->m_libraryList doesn't contain the BCGSoft library(classes)
Argonia 13-Jun-12 3:10am View
You didnt understand what i wrote call from a function you call the handler for the next button . OnButtonClickButoon1 is a handler function its not a button
Argonia 4-Jun-12 6:55am View
are you sure that the right mdiform is active? check if you haven't attach the event to the wrong form
Argonia 1-Jun-12 2:44am View
Can i ask for a link for the article becouse i can't find it . Thx
Argonia 31-May-12 2:23am View
i didn't miss to add the command in the message map and yes the key was in my accelerator's table
Argonia 31-May-12 2:17am View
did you try debugging ?
Argonia 28-May-12 6:38am View
So the method you are using from Icomparer needs one argument inside the () , you declared two times the same thing Node, you need one argument for the method which you are using for the Queue you need using <namespace> for this ArrayList it should be using System.Collection if its the Microsoft's class ArrayList. I suggest you look into msdn library to see how exactly you should use the methods
Argonia 28-May-12 4:45am View
what kind of errors do you get paste some
Argonia 19-May-12 6:43am View
well the project is little bit big(only 9k lines the main frame :P) but yes i am sure that i am using the right message map (you cant miss it)
Well i guess i have to leave it in PreTranslateMessage :( Atleast that way it works .
Thx to everyone for your help
Argonia 19-May-12 1:45am View
no :( i even tried to change some of the already assigned combinations that didn't work too
Argonia 18-May-12 10:17am View
i tried clicking everywhere and clicking the shortcut nothing changed :(
Before few secs i tried with PreTranslateMessage and for my big surprise it worked . But i dont want to make it with this function but with Accelerator's Table. Isn't it strange ? with PreTranslateMessage works but not with WM_CHAR or accelerator *wondering*
Argonia 11-May-12 8:59am View
why you just don't save the hotkey and this string into some kind of file and when the user uses a hotkey then the program checks the file and sends the found string
Argonia 10-May-12 4:34am View
if i am not wrong al-sawsana wants c++ code ,this is c#. The idea is the same but you have to use stl ,or make the sort function and the struct for the Queue and it has to be linked list
Argonia 8-May-12 7:59am View
Are you sure that you have a block catching this error ? Maybe its other kind of error. Paste the error and the code if its possible. But the old fashion way of catching an error is with debug and break points in the right locations
Argonia 8-May-12 7:57am View
Are you sure that you have a block catching this error ? Maybe its other kind of error. Paste the error and the code if its possible. But the old fashion way of catching an error is with debug and break points in the right locations. You can try to look at the call stack if you are writing in Visual Studio
Argonia 8-May-12 7:56am View
Are you sure that you have a block catching this error ? Maybe its other kind of error. Paste the error and the code if its possible. But the old fashion way of catching an error is with debug and break points in the right locations
Argonia 27-Apr-12 9:42am View
cant you just redirect to different page or something
Argonia 24-Apr-12 9:04am View
I am not very good with Java but cant you make it public static ? Maybe you will need to declare a class for the array itself.
Argonia 24-Apr-12 6:48am View
i don't think its a good idea to try to find a human using a neck detection. This part isn't so unique from the human body. If the picture is small enough a algorithm trying to find a neck will recognise a part of human hand of leg or shaved chimpanzee's neck for a human neck :). The face on the other hand is unique not only from the rest of the human body but from the rest of the nature. So i guess its better to stay with the algorithms for recognizing human faces than necks
Argonia 24-Apr-12 6:26am View
I don't think its a good idea to put the visited array in the class definition. If you don't put it there and use kind of indexing there will be no problem using recursion.
Argonia 23-Apr-12 5:19am View
use OLE-COM Object Viewer and see if your com object is registered and check the ids
Argonia 23-Apr-12 5:10am View
p = (evaluation)? a : b ; This is something like if the evaluation is made and if its true p gets the value a and if it isn't p gets b
Argonia 20-Apr-12 1:44am View
check the line before the constant i am guessing you forgot the ; before the declaration of it
Argonia 17-Apr-12 6:41am View
maybe #import will do .Check msdn documentation about #import and the options
Argonia 17-Apr-12 6:17am View
you should give more details about what you exactly want .
Argonia 17-Apr-12 3:17am View
you should set the property unique for your EmpID
Argonia 12-Apr-12 2:46am View
maybe you should look into some tutorials
Argonia 11-Apr-12 8:24am View
maybe you should change the view of the cursor to the pen one ?
Argonia 27-Mar-12 1:43am View
yes the function is called but it returns false (LoadForm returns bool value in pRetVal)