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Argonia 4-Feb-15 2:40am View    
If I remember correctly in the schools (at least when I was in one) we learned about pi way before sin and cos. asin and acos were taught in university.
Pi was never exactly explained what it was, just that it came from nature and we should use it like some magical number who has no end. And circles are far before trigonometry.
Maybe I remember correctly or maybe the education program wasn't good enough. After all not all of us had the opportunity to learn math in Russia.
Argonia 3-Feb-15 8:42am View    
This is evil, pure evil. What if the OP is some 6th grader who is just learning to program and you use such evil words like cos? How you gonna explain to a sixth grader the acos function? Why should he or she see what evil awaits him/her ?
Argonia 13-May-14 11:37am View    
So <codebase> and GAC didn't do the trick, the <probing> works but only if the folder with the dlls has in its path the path of the application.
After some messing around with the code I found that the classes are used as TypeConverter and they are not found.
In my control i have PropertyGrid with few classes with custom TypeConverter derived from ExpandableObjectConverter.
Any suggestions ?
Argonia 1-May-14 1:15am View    
The control is used in native code as well.
Argonia 30-Apr-14 11:01am View    
Oh, yes i will try that, thank you. I will tell you the results when its ready