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Comments by shwetha1 (Top 16 by date)

shwetha1 26-May-12 6:43am View
Thank you for sharing this link..
But i have problem i can't understand how to convert this code to as my requirement but it gives an idea to me...
Anyho thanks again..
shwetha1 26-May-12 5:50am View
Thanks for u r reply...
Is there any another approach to decode my password..
shwetha1 4-May-12 5:28am View
Thanks for Share.... But,these 2 links are does not contained any information
shwetha1 27-Apr-12 8:02am View
Thanks for u r reply but at this time it will take selected index value always 0....
I want in this way: When i clicking on different buttons it will choose different indexes..
shwetha1 26-Apr-12 7:39am View
Its Not Necessary to number as 4 digits but its must to increment for every submission
shwetha1 26-Apr-12 7:38am View
Increased from program that will be stored on that database as Record by record
shwetha1 26-Apr-12 7:37am View
Thanks for ur answer but for every insertion it will take Admno:AdmNo0001 only...
shwetha1 26-Apr-12 6:31am View
Thanks for u r Reply But I dont need to set any Identity Specification for my Table Is this possible?
shwetha1 24-Apr-12 6:24am View
Its nice but it display values statically...
I want to Select values programmatically from that tables and bind those values into gridview....
shwetha1 24-Apr-12 4:35am View
But It will Display error like this:

Error 3 The best overloaded method match for 'int.Parse(string)' has some invalid arguments...
shwetha1 16-Apr-12 4:59am View
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
Use these Namespaces it will works fine friend...
shwetha1 16-Apr-12 4:43am View
where you are using this line of code?
shwetha1 4-Apr-12 5:58am View
I got my own answer after posting the query Thanks for all..
shwetha1 26-Mar-12 4:15am View
but i want to export tables from datbase to excel sheets..
shwetha1 26-Mar-12 3:48am View
I want to export multiple tables at a time is this possible?
shwetha1 26-Mar-12 3:47am View
I want to export more than one table is this possible