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Comments by Sipherz (Top 19 by date)

Sipherz 14-Oct-14 12:30pm View    
Check the solution for this answer. Can this help me in any way? Just asking!
Sipherz 14-Oct-14 12:07pm View    
So its not possible to share my program with SQL?
Sipherz 14-Oct-14 12:02pm View    
I see... You've explained very well.
Thanks again!
Sipherz 14-Oct-14 11:46am View    
Well, that was really helpful.
I just wanted to create a small software i.e a Phonebook.
Now, if my friend needs the program that I've created is it possible to give it to him? So that he can use? Yeah! You've answered my query. Thanks a ton :D
Sipherz 14-Oct-14 9:04am View    
Thanks a lot!
Just one last question. After the program is completed how do I run it on a different computer? Like will the Database and the Code be together once I publish it or what? Or is it entirely different? I hope you understood my question.