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Comments by Chandan Aryan (Top 17 by date)

Chandan Aryan 21-Apr-12 14:04pm View
hey i checked out this solution, but actually problem is this that if the excel sheet is in c drive then its work fine , but in other case.............
Chandan Aryan 18-Apr-12 9:02am View
pls elaborate Your Question more and clearly what u want to do!
Chandan Aryan 11-Apr-12 15:37pm View
foreach (DataListItem item in dlShift.Items)
RadioButton control = ((RadioButton)item.FindControl("rbShift"));
if (control.Checked==true)
obj.ShiftID = Convert.ToInt32(((Label)(item.FindControl("lblShiftID"))).Text);
obj.Charges = Convert.ToDouble(((TextBox)(item.FindControl("txtCharges"))).Text);
Chandan Aryan 11-Apr-12 15:36pm View
Its just a simple code , on button click m checking which button is checked but all buttons are false.
Chandan Aryan 11-Apr-12 15:27pm View
I have Taken Care of all these things, but still its not working!!!
Chandan Aryan 10-Apr-12 6:20am View
If u r getting the correct URl of image, the ther must be a problem of Path.
so specify the hierarchical structure and The path u r specifying.
Chandan Aryan 10-Apr-12 4:50am View
Thanx for the solution!! its working fine nw.
Chandan Aryan 9-Apr-12 14:08pm View
<asp:DataList ID="dlShift" runat="server" RepeatColumns="3">
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<asp:RadioButton ID="rbShift" runat="server" GroupName="Shift" />
<td style="width: 100px;">
<asp:Label ID="lblShiftName" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("ShiftName")%>'>
<asp:Label ID="lblPrefix" runat="server" Text="Rs.">
<td style="width: 150px;">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtCharges" runat="server" Width="100px" Text='<%#Eval("Charges") %>'>

Chandan Aryan 6-Apr-12 10:28am View
No error, its not working!! all the other controls are working fine!
Chandan Aryan 5-Apr-12 8:01am View
Do u want to bing grid or any further controls placed in grid?
Chandan Aryan 29-Mar-12 12:43pm View
And also use id inside Double quotes
Chandan Aryan 29-Mar-12 4:00am View
Pls let us know that u want full code for it or u r having some problem in it!
Chandan Aryan 28-Mar-12 15:42pm View
I have a Grid, having button in grid and on its click a pop window open and some controls on that popup, Some records are fetched into datareader and i want to save that record in my grid.
Chandan Aryan 28-Mar-12 15:39pm View
Yeah But the label is in GridView and Datareader is coming from the popup window on that page!!
Chandan Aryan 27-Mar-12 9:28am View
Right, its just for the demarkation from the system Procedures!!!
Chandan Aryan 27-Mar-12 8:49am View
Pls Clarify your question!!!
Chandan Aryan 27-Mar-12 8:41am View
If Handy use USP_ instead of sp_ .