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Comments by Swinkaran (Top 38 by date)

Swinkaran 8-Jun-18 1:43am View    
I left a solution below. This is using Asp.Net MVC way of doing. Not sure if you are working with Webforms.
Swinkaran 4-Apr-17 5:00am View    
Your question is little confusing. As per my understanding you want to know how to find the number of days between two dates? Is that what you want?
Swinkaran 17-Oct-16 17:40pm View    
Looks like few things are wrong. Not clear what you are trying to.
Did you try
Swinkaran 15-Aug-16 0:29am View    
So, do you want to clear the HTML input controls after saving?
Have you tried from server side?
Swinkaran 3-Aug-16 18:39pm View    
Thanks Ryan for correcting, I accidentally included it. Updated.