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AnimeshChatterjee 12-Apr-12 12:11pm View
Thnx Ed
The Problem is fixed....
GridViewRow row = gvSearchResultant.Rows[gvSearchResultant.SelectedIndex];
string PersonnelNo = row.Cells[1].Text.ToString();
//Just added this code in the other function...

Thnx Ed
AnimeshChatterjee 12-Apr-12 9:02am View
Hi Ed
How to call string PersonnelNo in another function can u pls explain..
Can your tell me how to remove all rows from a gridview control at one go...
AnimeshChatterjee 12-Apr-12 4:45am View
Hi Ed
In the above code all the controls are called in a ajax tab container..On selectindexchanged event of gvSearchResultant I am assigning the values to the controls. At times when different value is selected from gvSearchResultant it might not have all the values for the controls, so the old values remains there. I just want to remove the values of all controls in slectindexchanged event of gvSearchResultant....
Hope I have made my self clear...
One more thing pls note..
Can I call
GridViewRow row = gvSearchResultant.Rows[e.NewSelectedIndex];
string PersonnelNo = row.Cells[1].Text.ToString();
// This variable binds the currently selected service code..
string ServiceCode = ddlService.SelectedValue.ToString();
in another function as the variable PersonnelNo needs to be called..some where else..