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Comments by Bastien Vandamme (Top 19 by date)

Bastien Vandamme 2-Feb-21 22:10pm View
Agree. But this one is not in propositions. This is why string is better than void. So I selected A. But D is also correct. A compiler compile it.
Bastien Vandamme 16-Apr-15 23:48pm View
Not so easy. I have a great logic and capacity to build system but I have problem with definitions and theory. I don't know the name of the patterns because most of the time I create them by using my logic. When you are in an Interview this doesn't help. You need to talk with the correct definitions. You act exactly like my interviewers. Because I ask a basic question you think I know nothing. I learned object with Java and some concept in .NET like boxing/unboxing are not really object oriented and if I understand the concept I'm just mixing the two word together. Interviews are a nightmare for me.
Bastien Vandamme 6-Apr-15 4:11am View
But I really want to know. I agree with you. It is not a correct question which have any rights to exist, this is a stupid multiple-choice game. But it is also a question I had during an Interview.
Bastien Vandamme 5-Apr-15 11:44am View
This question is not so basic. I ask it on smarterer and I only get 25% of correct answer.
Bastien Vandamme 5-Apr-15 11:16am View
Yeah Google also use the word "encapsulating". That why I ask the question here. I prefer an answer with "convert". Sry I don't understand this notion of encapsulating.
Bastien Vandamme 24-Oct-14 1:04am View
I agree with this. By the way the survey doesn't explain what kind of new think people like to learn. Will you invest time to learn something if I say you this think will be obsolete soon? Learning science like mathematics, algorithms, statistics basic and common concept of OOP, SOA, AOP and so is not the same as learning engineering like instructions of a brand x product build by a company.

There is a difference between, for instance, SQL and an SQL server or C# and .NET or a specific library of .NET.

The survey should also ask what's the worst part about being a software developer?
Bastien Vandamme 23-Oct-14 23:08pm View
You have right
Bastien Vandamme 23-Oct-14 22:52pm View
I's just sick of the attitude that consist to say search on Google, the answer has already been asked or read documentation. These kind of people should also understand that the culture, the languages, sometime the localization makes Internet experience different for all people.
Bastien Vandamme 23-Oct-14 22:24pm View
And what do you think? I did search... It just not clear. none article is clear about what is what and some definition are opposite.
Bastien Vandamme 14-Sep-14 11:41am View
I get this error: Update-Package : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Version'. The argument is null. Provide a valid value for the argument, and then try running the command again.

When I list the package with Get-Package -ListAvailable -Filter EntityFramework -AllVersions I don't see other version than the 6.1.1.
Bastien Vandamme 14-Sep-14 11:27am View
I guess this is not implemented in the GUI. I need to use the command line.
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 2:53am View
This won't work because my reference to myObj is still null in my main method. You know I'm pretty sure this is the solution my interviewer wanted but it's wrong. This type of questions interviewers ask when he/she wants to see your ability to solve problems but you have to ask right question first.
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 2:48am View
Where do you write your alternative if?
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 0:49am View
Oh yes... You did it. I think it's correct.
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 0:48am View
Yeah... you see it is why I ask the question. The interviewer ask me this question during my last interview. I also answered it was impossible.
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 0:17am View
You first
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 0:17am View
With attribute you can change the behavior of your method with reflection at run time. But this is the static main class. The one that is executed before all others...
Bastien Vandamme 25-Aug-14 0:12am View
I will think about it
Bastien Vandamme 24-Aug-14 23:38pm View
Without modifying any of the code inside the main method