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Comments by Smanish87 (Top 23 by date)

Smanish87 9-Feb-16 7:01am View
Thanks for your ans but i want ans which belongs to interview.
Smanish87 21-Oct-13 6:28am View
Thanks for the Solution ,

But I just want the provider for the Open office instead of Microsoft stuffs.If you have any solution please post the comment.
Smanish87 14-Aug-13 7:03am View
Show me your full code so that i can understand
Smanish87 14-Aug-13 7:01am View
show me with example if u.
Smanish87 13-Aug-13 4:07am View
actually i did with different views of different table but i want to insert data into multiple tables from single view with pk_fk relationship
Smanish87 5-Jul-13 1:14am View
any buddy give me solution
Smanish87 4-Jul-13 9:38am View
I have gridview and from that gridview am updating the pdf from fileupload control but when click on the update button pdf size is showing zero.
Smanish87 30-Jun-13 13:43pm View
Actually i am very confused to used it. both have similarity so why it is used still its not cleared. so please if it is possible to help me..
Smanish87 24-Jun-13 9:27am View
thanks it works...
Smanish87 24-Jun-13 7:07am View
i defined commandtype=storeprocedure
Smanish87 3-Jun-13 8:22am View
prasad please give me questions and answer for interview in dot net
Smanish87 3-Jun-13 8:20am View
give me code of java script
Smanish87 3-Jun-13 6:09am View
prasad its working through mouse but through keyboard its not working means If suppose i used keyboard then On play and stop button cursor(TAB) not coming to the play and stop button.
Smanish87 3-Jun-13 5:50am View
thanks but i want java script so that if suppose i want to stop the slideshow through the keyboard and also able to play the slide show.
Smanish87 21-May-13 3:23am View
yes it is
Thanks you so much...
Smanish87 21-May-13 3:13am View
Yes kumar you are right i missed to declare connection string
Thanks a lot
Smanish87 21-May-13 2:43am View
ds = MOLDBAccess.ExecuteDataSet(cmd); on this line it is giving error
Smanish87 19-May-13 14:31pm View
Smanish87 15-May-13 15:52pm View
i mean to say what kind of questions will asked in interview if you have 3 years of experience in dot net give me link so that i can prepare for the interview
Smanish87 15-May-13 8:19am View
thanks all you of guys..
Smanish87 15-May-13 8:06am View
Thanks but any buddy who can help me
Smanish87 15-May-13 5:45am View
can you give example
Smanish87 15-May-13 5:30am View
Link is not opening so will you provide any other way