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Comments by Santiago Fabian (Top 7 by date)

Santiago Fabian 4-Nov-14 12:45pm View
Effectively. That's a great solution. Thanks! :D
Santiago Fabian 28-Oct-14 19:43pm View
load website = show a website embeded in my own page. If you have ever used the iframe tag you will know what I mean. Actually, I´m not trying to access any external resources in fact, I just want to embed any website page within the iframe tag but my problem is that the website is not being displayed in the iframe. I put that link in the src attribute just as an example, not meaning that I effectively want to access to an anchor of another website page.
Santiago Fabian 6-Aug-14 10:27am View
Thanks Sergey, I'll take into account your suggestions.
Santiago Fabian 6-Aug-14 10:26am View
Thanks Sergey, I'll take into account your suggestions.
Santiago Fabian 6-Aug-14 10:08am View
Thanks for taking your time to give me a response. None of those approaches fit my needs so as you said I reviewed my idea in order to change it. Basically in the the SQL procedure(mySP), I will use an .Net Int(representing the enum value) as parameter instead of a enum object, then created a .NET function with the enum parameter and Cast the int value as you mentioned with Enum.GetName(ProcessType,IntValue) an pass this result to my new .NET function
Santiago Fabian 5-Aug-14 10:15am View
As you said I was pretty close, In some way y wasn't correctly reading the bytes of my local file into the byte array. Thanks for your help, It help me a lot to inspect what was the post data of the http post request. Now all the request works great!
Santiago Fabian 4-Aug-14 15:59pm View
it does not use javascript. the form tag definition is like this:
<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="TheForm"> all controls here </form>
I have studied the name/value pairs collection and I accurately know what values go in the HTTP POST request, thanks for the trick you recommended me of how to do this :).
Just to clarify my purpose is that I have this third party web interface that reads an excel file, which is a defined template with employee records in order to be inserted in a database, when I do the process manually in the "real" HTML page the records are inserted successfully (and the response I get in the browser is ------- Info: # Of Employees In File: 2 Info: ACCOUNT.NEW: 1 Info: ACCOUNT_HR.CHANGE.EMPLOYEE_ID: 1 Info: Done ------ ) but when I do this process programmatically no records are inserted and I just get the same plane HTML of this third party web interface.
StreamReader responseReader = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream());
string replyFromServer = responseReader.ReadToEnd();
My "replyFromServer" variable contains the HTML text
any other approach of how to test or debug what is going on with post request?