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Comments by Shao Voon Wong (Top 197 by date)

Shao Voon Wong 13-Sep-23 6:27am View    
Why your CopyFromMemory() only copy the width?

Shao Voon Wong 7-Jun-23 6:22am View    
Visual Studio 2013 supports C++11. You have to enable it in the project properties dialog.
Shao Voon Wong 28-May-23 5:14am View    
Is the 9-digit 4294967294 (0xFFFFFFFE)? You should post what is the 9-digit you are getting.
Shao Voon Wong 25-May-23 7:24am View    
There is no need to free temp. CT2A allocates memory on the stack, not heap. When the function returns, the stack memory used by CT2A shall be freed.

Here is an example on how to use CT2A:
Shao Voon Wong 9-Apr-23 23:27pm View    
If you have multiple cpp, you run the g++ first as the compile step and then the linking step. -o switch is to specify the object files, not cpp. -c switch is to specify the multiple cpp files.

g++ -Wall -Werror -std=c++14 -c carboard.cpp board.cpp game.cpp player.cpp

g++ -Wall -Werror -o M123 carboard.o board.cpp game.o player.o