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Shao Voon Wong 2hrs 15mins ago View    
if i has the count of files minus 1 in the directory and t is the beginning of the vector, t[i] refers to the last file. Whenever ++t is called, t[i] refers to an non-existent file.
Shao Voon Wong 1-Oct-22 2:26am View     CRLF
strcmp() returns zero if the strings are the same. if (strcmp(ans, "YES") == 0) {...}
Shao Voon Wong 30-Sep-22 21:42pm View     CRLF
You have 14 4-bytes parameters. 4 of those are passed in 64-bit registers. The rest are passed in 32-bit storage on stack. There is no __fastcall convention in x64. All functions use the same calling convention in x64. ((14 - 4) * 4bytes) + (4 * 8bytes) = 40 + 32 = 72
Shao Voon Wong 26-Sep-22 21:12pm View    
cls is a DOS command. Windows' command-line console is not a DOS environment.
Shao Voon Wong 25-Sep-22 23:10pm View     CRLF
Check if AfxOleInit() and AfxEnableControlContainer() are called (for ActiveX controls enablement).