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austinbox 9-Nov-14 15:47pm View    
Your URI is invalid if the remote server returns NotFound
austinbox 7-May-14 10:22am View    
Try changing your method so it invokes txtLog, I am assuming txtLog is a control.
public void UpdateLog(string strMessage)
if (txlog.InvokeRequired)
txlog.Invoke(new UpdateLogCallback(UpdateLog), strMessage);

And then you can get rid of the line "this.Invoke(new UpdateLogCallback(this.UpdateLog), new object[] { srReceiver.ReadLine() });"

And replace it with "UpdateLog(srReceiver.ReadLine());"
austinbox 29-Jan-14 11:29am View    
Well if you want the angle between the two pixels you can use Math.atan2.
For example:

double angleInDegrees = Math.Atan2(pix2.y - pix1.y, pix2.x - pix1.x) * (180 / Math.PI);
austinbox 11-Dec-13 22:35pm View    
How are you calling your program?
austinbox 7-Dec-13 0:06am View    
Well, the data type long does hold bits of a range from -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807
And if you know the number is positive which would work in this case you could increase the range of positive numbers using ulong.