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DanaH85 16-Jan-13 4:12am View
two more little question -
1. If the query supposed to return all users (some are active and some are not) will this solution get me all of those users properly?
2. What if the field was not boolean, but string, how will this work then?
DanaH85 16-Jan-13 4:02am View
Thanks for the idea. It's good for the example query, it's just that my query is actually HUGE and its also really heavy, and the UNION will make it heavier.
DanaH85 22-Nov-12 4:58am View
Sorry, I copied it wrong.
I fixed it now...
DanaH85 15-Oct-12 9:50am View
I tried to clarify myself
DanaH85 10-Jul-12 7:07am View
I'll give you an example:
Say you have an application which organize users' pictures.
You have Users management (you should register first), and after you register, you can add your picture and organize them in folder etc.

Now say one user has a folder called "Party" in which there are several pictures, and he chooses to delete the folder. I want that as he click the Delete button, he'll have a confirm message in which the alert itself is "Folder has some pictures in it. Are you sure you want to delete?"
under this text there will be some sort of text box in which all of the pictures' names in that folder appears (the textbox is uneditable, so the user can't change pictures names, delete picture name or add a picture name)
Then the user can press OK (and the folder and pictures are deleted) or Cancel(and then nothing is deleted)
DanaH85 10-Jul-12 5:40am View
There's no way I can avoid Ajax?
DanaH85 10-Jul-12 5:30am View
It can be, if I can disable the textbox for editing...
It supposed to notify you that there are a list of items and write all of them down in a textbox so the user can copy the list.

Then the user get to choose whether to confirm or cancel the action
DanaH85 22-May-12 7:07am View
I want the data layer to be able to retrieve also entities from the entities layer (Even if it had additional fields). Is it possible the way you're suggesting?
DanaH85 16-May-12 2:18am View
yesterday I changed the Impersonate to work with the local administrator and I didn't get the second error. But I don't want to work with Impersonate...
Meaning now I need to solve the problem mentioned in (1) in my original message

Any suggestions?
DanaH85 16-May-12 2:18am View
Thanks, I saw the first one before I posted my question, the second one was new to me. Yet, I do know how to edit word files through code, but out of some reason I get this security alert and the file won't be opened
DanaH85 16-May-12 2:18am View
I put the two links I was using trying to to solve this issue...
I know where the WINWORD.EXE is found, but I was trying to locate it in the registry and couldn't find it there (I found about 20 libraries named "word...(something)" but I couldn't decide which one I have to change the CLSID value for...

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