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Y.Desros 20-Jan-15 6:55am View
Nice answer Alex!
Y.Desros 25-May-13 14:41pm View
Nice Alex!5!
Y.Desros 8-Aug-12 17:13pm View
Y.Desros 4-Aug-12 5:48am View
Good answer +5!
Y.Desros 4-Aug-12 2:31am View
Nice +5!
Y.Desros 4-Aug-12 2:04am View
Dear pasztorpisti! Your explanations are not relevant.
If you think that the code is given by another member(by the way, he gave a few examples) is not good enough, then as a counter argument bring your code! and then you can explain why you think that your example is better than an example given by another member of the forum
Y.Desros 12-Jul-12 16:51pm View
Very goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y.Desros 10-Jul-12 15:02pm View
Exact answers here
Thanks Alex for your inputs/examples!