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Comments by dharan1990 (Top 12 by date)

dharan1990 1-Mar-16 6:47am View    

I tried datediff(day,'2015-12-28',getdate())/7+1 it is working. Can you tell for which date you are having issues.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 5:40am View    
Since you are using like both records will be pulled if you want to check for specific keyword try using contains in sql.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 4:17am View    
Can you please try applying row number on both the tables and apply any of the outer join based on those row number which should resolve.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 4:01am View    
You can make use of sys.tables to get list of tables in the database.
dharan1990 9-Feb-16 7:21am View    
You can make use of GUI..