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dharan1990 1-Mar-16 6:47am View

I tried datediff(day,'2015-12-28',getdate())/7+1 it is working. Can you tell for which date you are having issues.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 5:40am View
Since you are using like both records will be pulled if you want to check for specific keyword try using contains in sql.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 4:17am View
Can you please try applying row number on both the tables and apply any of the outer join based on those row number which should resolve.
dharan1990 17-Feb-16 4:01am View
You can make use of sys.tables to get list of tables in the database.
dharan1990 9-Feb-16 7:21am View
You can make use of GUI..
dharan1990 9-Feb-16 5:47am View
You can copy the tables from one db to another by making use of import export wizard option.
dharan1990 21-Jan-16 9:14am View
You have forloop container and some tasks inside it you want to test the sql connections before running the task inside the forloop is that what you are looking for?
dharan1990 29-Jun-12 8:23am View
I knew its already solved but iam providing my answer ...
dharan1990 27-Jun-12 6:48am View
hi thanks for ur reply ...this will also produce the same result ...
dharan1990 25-Jun-12 6:22am View
I think instead of using Row_Number() it is better to use dense_rank() ....Is it correct?
dharan1990 25-Jun-12 6:13am View
what if two person has same salary as The highest salary
dharan1990 11-May-12 6:51am View
how to overcome that can u help me should we use lock and monitor concepts r some thing else?