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Comments by aarohi verma (Top 32 by date)

aarohi verma 1-May-14 7:14am View    
thank done
aarohi verma 1-May-14 1:57am View    
ya you're right but i cant change it, i have to do this way.
aarohi verma 30-Apr-14 22:59pm View     CRLF
good suggestion but perticular row wise i done it successfully, i made a split fuction and done a test like this SELECT * into #temp1 FROM [DepartmentMaster] WHERE DeptId in(select * from dbo.Split('1,2,3', ',') ) while (@countDepartment <= select DM.Deptname into #temp2 from DepartmentMaster DM,#temp1 T where DM.DeptId = T.DeptId DECLARE @Deptname VARCHAR(8000) SELECT @Deptname = COALESCE(@Deptname + ', ', '') + Deptname FROM #temp2 SELECT @Deptname Here I get Dept1,Dept2,Dept3 but not display whole table yar.
aarohi verma 30-Dec-13 0:27am View    
I do this as you said but if i move this outside then only lastdata is came out as result.not all.
aarohi verma 26-Dec-13 9:45am View     CRLF
hi, due to other coding issue I cant solve this issue and also now my email account is not working,(cant open it, dont know why) ,can you suggest me how can i solve this code issue?