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Comments by Jim Jos (Top 170 by date)

Jim Jos 31-Jul-14 3:39am View    
HOw can u have PK with Null option?
Jim Jos 31-Jul-14 3:37am View    
ORMS are here to make db interaction easy for developers instead of row/columns we see data as objects and collections. For large tables the object will be large too that will slow down the performance of ORMs
Jim Jos 30-Jul-14 3:22am View    
HTML, CSS and little bit of Javascript would be a good start
Jim Jos 30-Oct-13 2:20am View    
Hi.. U mean to say in db the changes are properly done but it does not show in the grid?
Jim Jos 29-Oct-13 3:10am View    
Hi.. You have to use some form observer pattern to notify the windows application to lock a particular row.. ObservableCollection on MVVM is one .. You could also use delegates with some Session objects..