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Jonathan [Darka] 8-Apr-15 9:38am View
Can't see any reason to do this except to create spam accounts...

And 'just being an oop programmer', what kind of excuse is that - a good programmer can code anything.
Not that you should be doing this anyway.
Jonathan [Darka] 11-Dec-14 9:20am View
I've always found the best way to learn a language is to try to write some very small applications and get those working first.

Also, you could buy some books and type in the example applications from those too if you can't think of an example yourself.
Jonathan [Darka] 11-Dec-14 8:54am View
As others have said you need to run the code under the debugger, when it crashes it will indicate which line the problem is on, then you can debug and fix the problem.
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Jun-13 4:49am View
No need to import, simply add the same code files that are in one project to the other.

You could also modify the XML of the solution/project file to tell it which version you are using (See Solution 2) but be aware this will not work if you have used features from a newer version of .NET and then attempt to get your application to work with an older version - not without changing the code anyway.
Jonathan [Darka] 17-Apr-13 8:28am View
What have you tried, did google provide any help for you?
Show us your code that doesn't work and we can help diagnose it
Jonathan [Darka] 29-Mar-13 5:47am View
What do you mean you can't see any file get opened?

You say the file get created, so clearly the code is working - what is it you are expecting that doesn't happen?
Jonathan [Darka] 29-Mar-13 5:41am View
What do you mean you can't read his mind?
Jonathan [Darka] 29-Mar-13 5:38am View
Really, you don't understand the problem?

Read the error message and Sandeep's reply, I think it's kind of obvious what the problem is...
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 11:51am View
You can still run 32-bit apps on a 64-bit computer, just compile it as a 32-bit app and it should work fine, what you want to avoid is compiling it as a 64-bit app
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 11:42am View
Agree with OriginalGriff, no chance ever of a 64-bit version of JET, either go 32-bit or find another technology to use.
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 10:48am View
Can't understand your question, please rephrase it.
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 9:21am View
Why not try it?
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 7:45am View
Koti, stop posting this question, it's getting tiresome.
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 7:00am View
Then you need to store the state of the button in a variable and toggle it when the button is clicked, then show the state of the button depending on the state
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 6:30am View
The small pop up is called a "Context Menu" and you'll need to implement it on the right click handler for your button, you should then be able to set the state of the button based on the menu item chosen by the user, i.e. "Enable/Disable"
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 6:10am View
What have you tried so far?
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 5:56am View
Stop posting homework questions, how do you ever expect to learn anything.
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 5:55am View
Stop reposting the same homework question.
Jonathan [Darka] 28-Mar-13 5:54am View
Homework question?
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 17:21pm View
First of all, you need to tell us where it's going wrong and ask specific questions, no one here has time to read hundreds of lines of your code to determine the problem you are having.

Also, try to only post a small snippet of the code, instead of the entire application - makes it much easier to read.
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 17:18pm View
Damn, I was too focused on the scanf to notice that :)
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 10:06am View
When you googled for this did you find any useful links?
Just typing your question into google led me to lots of results, so have you read any of them?
Do you have any specific questions regarding what you've found so far???
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 9:33am View
He just needs to use a timer or schedule, this question is nothing to do with SQL or databases.
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 9:31am View
You can learn far more from trying than you can from asking.
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 9:30am View
Do you have a specific question?

If not then this should be a forum question instead.
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Mar-13 9:23am View
It's often quicker to try something than it is to wait for an answer to a question that shouldn't have been asked in the first place.
Jonathan [Darka] 22-Mar-13 5:36am View
Really, you can't even be bothered to format it as a question... we are not here to do your homework, how do you ever expect to get a job when you can't even google, let alone code..
Jonathan [Darka] 5-Oct-12 8:30am View
Do you know which line it's failing on?
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Sep-12 8:53am View
This is stupid, how do you expect people to help you when all you post is an error code?
Jonathan [Darka] 27-Sep-12 8:49am View
This is not a question.
Jonathan [Darka] 21-Sep-12 11:07am View
Or if you already know the name of the file you want to use then change the File.Open("...) code to use the correct name
Jonathan [Darka] 17-Sep-12 4:36am View
Did you check Wes's reply above?
Jonathan [Darka] 14-Sep-12 16:52pm View
I meant the client profile version as it's looking for that.
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Aug-12 10:59am View
Have you googled to see what the error "0x80040154" means?
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Aug-12 10:52am View
You need to send the graphics data to the appropriate video memory, how you do this depends on how you are writing your OS...
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Aug-12 10:43am View
You might want to format this, it's hard to read...
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Aug-12 6:47am View
You need to clarify what you want and why you expect people to write the code for you, if you've got a problem that we can help with then that's OK, but expecting someone to write the code for you isn't
Jonathan [Darka] 8-Aug-12 11:33am View
It's probably failing somewhere with "Access Denied", but as you don't check any error returns from the system calls it makes it hard to diagnose, you need to debug the code to see which line is failing, then we might be able to help you.
Jonathan [Darka] 8-Aug-12 11:31am View
It doesn't work doesn't help - you need to say WHY it doesn't work, does it fail to compile, do you get an error message or does something else happen?
Jonathan [Darka] 8-Aug-12 10:34am View
But why doesn't it work?
Does it compile, if so do you get an error - any additional information would help us to help you.
Jonathan [Darka] 13-Feb-12 6:03am View
Sandy, this is the correct answer.

If it's not working then either,
- You are doing it wrong, or
- You are doing it wrong...
Jonathan [Darka] 8-Feb-12 8:52am View
In which case you need to use WinSock to bind to the port, if you specify zero as the port number then WinSock will automatically assign a port number to you (dynamically), the WinSock connection that you bind on will then receive the data once a client connects to it.

Sorry, but don't know the VB syntax, but you should be able to look that up.

If your code isn't working, then post a SMALL segment of it (the WinSock bit) then someone might be able to help.
Jonathan [Darka] 8-Feb-12 8:39am View
Are you writing the client or the server?
Jonathan [Darka] 7-Feb-12 9:16am View
Angel, Manfred was commenting on the reply by aniketyadav7.

A virus can affect any file format that is executable, changing the extension of the file won't disguise this as a virus can scan every file to detect those that are executable and therefore ignore the file extension.

He wasn't agreeing with your proposal, see his comment below "Solution 2".