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geparl 15-Jun-19 22:14pm View    
What an ignorant answer
geparl 16-Feb-16 12:04pm View    
thank you but could I use the combobox to pick what table I wanted to fill and then use the update/save to add the data. I want to use the datagrid to add the same data to 2 tables
geparl 13-Feb-16 13:47pm View    
sorry I did not clarify I want the row added in the database
geparl 2-Aug-12 20:27pm View    
Thanks Wes I can Print the form just fine that is easy
Private Sub PrintToolStripMenuItem_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles PrintToolStripMenuItem.Click
PrintForm1.Print() Works just fine.
I will look at iTextSharp library as that would suffice but all I wanted to do was
as in all programs when you click save as you get a copy of whatever file/form or doc you are working on. Maybe this is not possable. I will keep trying Thankyou for the advice.
geparl 2-Aug-12 18:42pm View    
Wes - you are right
I will Try to clarify this.
I have a Windows Forms Application that calculates commissions.
When I run this program and get the results I wish to Print it which I can do and then I want save it to a folder on my C drive. I have tried to do this with stream writer but I get lost as I don't know how to do this. The data I refer to would the forms interface with the caluclations. I don't Know how to put this but when I print the form I have a print that look just like the form and this is what I would like to save. I guess what I am trying to say is if I copy and pasted the forms interface this is what I would like save as to do. I hope I have not made this more confusing.