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BCN-163 27-Dec-15 22:34pm View
3Q, but it's not the problem of previlege, after another google search, I sovled the problem.
I will post the solution later, hope it's helpful to others who encounter with the same problem like me.
BCN-163 8-Jul-14 11:32am View
thanks very much, man
BCN-163 21-Jun-14 9:07am View
I find a solution from microsoft
but I can't call function MsiLocateComponent because it's not exported. keep going
BCN-163 21-Jun-14 8:51am View
if user change the default install path, this will not work. a little dispirited. thanks for your tip.
BCN-163 21-Jun-14 8:36am View
thanks for your really quick answer.I will do some search on finding the install path. I'm wondering why no bitness info stored in regedit.thanks very much
BCN-163 26-Mar-14 8:48am View
thanks very much! why powerpoint can't do the same thing like word or excel! Really get me down.
BCN-163 26-Mar-14 1:28am View
@Rage thanks for your reply, I searched that site too, but after I read one of the links in your provided site[^]

I find the following information.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Standard Edition
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition

what I can't make sure is how about PowerPoint 2010(just the same as the previous version?) I can't find any reference. so I came here for help. thanks all the same.
BCN-163 12-Jan-14 8:02am View
thanks man! really great explanation
BCN-163 7-Jan-14 4:54am View
thanks very much, I know what you mean,but "operator[] is a function with one argument" makes puzzled, [] is an operator anyway.
BCN-163 7-Jan-14 4:51am View
great work man, thanks very very much!
BCN-163 29-Jul-13 2:10am View
OK, I got it.thank you.
BCN-163 21-Jul-13 23:28pm View
thanks for your reply. just want to find out the reason. no really job to do.
BCN-163 23-May-13 4:44am View
ok, 3q, I will read this book again.
BCN-163 22-May-13 22:44pm View
what was set to 0 is the vptr which point to the virtual table. not the virtual table itself. I think
BCN-163 22-May-13 22:41pm View
as I know, it will always fail. I have heard a lot about the different implement of C++ compiler. but I never met one. would you give me some tips? really appreciate.
BCN-163 22-May-13 22:37pm View
you could use follow code to test get method of auto_ptr.
typedef struct tagTestStructor
virtual void testOut(){ std::cout << "this is a virtual function" << std::endl;}
int m_nVal;
char m_cVal;
// ...

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
TestStructor* pTmpNew = new TestStructor();
auto_ptr<teststructor> apTmp(pTmpNew);

assert(apTmp.get() == pTmpNew);