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Comments by Bhavana P (Top 14 by date)

Bhavana P 27-May-14 5:57am View
the query is correct, u dont have to change it. As per the for loop condition above it will display only one invoice id url u need to pass the customer id not the invoice id to get all details of the customer.
Bhavana P 14-Oct-12 3:29am View
Thank you,
I have tried using RegularExpressions ,
it works now , i have included the same below.
Bhavana P 14-Oct-12 2:47am View
Please dont consider me a Princess , I am a learner and beginner in asp.Net , Please guide and suggest , I will surely improvise myself.
Bhavana P 13-Oct-12 8:18am View
I have designed a form in which i have used watermark for one textbox within updatepanel control , for the same I have validated through javascript, if incorrect data the textbox value needs to get clear.
But On focus the watermark content doesnot disappear.
Bhavana P 9-Oct-12 3:59am View
answer is not right it is not working
Bhavana P 1-Jul-12 12:25pm View
yes Sir, i want on posting the window to scroll down . For this i have included window.scroll () function.
But it doesnt wait..thats my problem.
Bhavana P 25-Jun-12 23:49pm View
You are true Sir, I am new to But the solution provided is not appropriate for my requirement Sir.
I want to focus the window to bottom. For which I have tried with onclick event and called a javascript function which satisfies the requirement.
The new problem faced is due to postback event the focus of the window is moved back to the top rather I want it to be bottom.
Bhavana P 16-Jun-12 1:51am View
Thank you Sir,
the data shared is very useful.
Bhavana P 25-May-12 2:27am View
OK Sir, I will implement now onwards.
Bhavana P 25-May-12 2:07am View
Inclusion of such graph i.e flash file is required to be used to generate such graphs.
Bhavana P 24-May-12 5:55am View
Sir, I have tried it using COM objects , I have refered mentioned in the solution below.
Bhavana P 23-May-12 8:24am View
Thank you Sir ,
for the reply , but its my requirement to call an url through SP , I will get back to you after working on it.
Bhavana P 23-May-12 5:26am View
But how can i call a web page through stored procedure
Bhavana P 23-May-12 3:05am View
Thank you Sir,