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855 20-Jun-19 3:22am View    
i trust the users here.
855 29-May-19 21:47pm View    
in this case,i think the Chat.cs hosted in the web app. why the UseAzureSignalR is needed?
855 29-May-19 4:57am View    
what is the best way to schedule back up plan. keep all the back up files and never clear up?
855 25-Sep-18 12:18pm View    
It helps, thank you.

services.AddTransient<icontrolpanel>(serviceProvider =>
var context = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<ihttpcontextaccessor>().HttpContext;
var userHeader = context.Request.Headers["loggedInUser"];
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(userHeader)) return new GuestControlPanel();
if ("admin" == userHeader) return new AdminControlPanel();
return new NormalUserControlPanel(userHeader);
855 25-Sep-18 2:40am View    
Thank you,lw@zi. i just realized that DI in core is not as powerful as other IoC provider.
Could you provide a factory implementation?