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Comments by Swathi Nagaraj (Top 12 by date)

Swathi Nagaraj 1-Jun-15 7:56am View
Thanks Asif
Swathi Nagaraj 14-Jan-14 7:11am View
I have updated with the code
Swathi Nagaraj 13-Feb-13 7:10am View
I am using joins where the table are in different context.If I use 2 linq statements one for each context, It works but performance is slow
Swathi Nagaraj 13-Feb-13 7:07am View
I am using joins, where the tables are in two different database. I did it by two different Linq statement and it works fine, But performance is too slow.
Swathi Nagaraj 21-Nov-12 5:09am View
Sorry I may troubling you a lot.
I tried with the above code but still Its not firing.
Swathi Nagaraj 21-Nov-12 4:51am View
Can you please tell me how this ajax url will work.
Swathi Nagaraj 21-Nov-12 4:49am View
I have changed to
data: {Id = Id},
instead of
data: {id = Id},

But still not firing
Swathi Nagaraj 21-Nov-12 4:17am View
var url = '/Grid/Edit/'
GridController is my controller and Edit is action.

The syntax of setting Url is /Controller/action.
what else I have to check?
Thank you Tajbir
Swathi Nagaraj 20-Nov-12 5:11am View
Can you give littel more explantion how it can be done. since I tried using Jquery, I got many problems like content pages will not fire click events etc.

$(#Id).Click(function(){ alert('called'});

But this same code will work in master page.
Swathi Nagaraj 9-Oct-12 0:45am View
Where is the sting? Can you explain with an example
Swathi Nagaraj 17-Sep-12 5:55am View
sqlcommand.CommandTimeout = 120;

This works fine sometimes, but sometimes rasies time out expired exception.
I want to know the reason, why it doesn't work sometimes?
Swathi Nagaraj 14-Sep-12 8:16am View
when I execute the following lines in server explorer, Raising SQL Execution error
Select Distinct EmployeeId, FName, LName from fn_Employee