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Member 9096381 24-Jun-13 3:29am View    
I tried playing the music without running it in thread, however, it is still lagging. Your idea cleared my mind, and I realized that it is lagging maybe when the threads are created. However, the threads are there to minimize the time of waiting for AI to take shoot. Each thread analyzes one move, wich greatly increases the performance. However, if the sound if played in thread automatically, I dont understand, why is it being interupted (lagging) by some work somewhere else...That is why theads were make some work without being affected by some work somewhere else...

So in my opinion there are 2 ways to solve it. First, maybe play the music other way (i have no idea how), or deal with the AI threads. But how would you solve it? This is in my opinion the fastest solution, running each analysis in thread.