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Dexter11 13-Jul-15 5:31am View
I can't use WebClient as i have already established connection using above method and using WebClient will start new session and redirect me to login page again.
Dexter11 9-Oct-14 3:53am View
Pardon me for my laziness..I worked on my requirements and met them finally...
For keeping the origin static to 0,0 i removed the translate before drawing the image however the position of my drawing(pencil tool) is not maintained after zooming the canvas.If i put translate method image is not drawn from 0,0 and if its removed the drawings position is not maintained...crap
Please check my updated code at
Dexter11 30-Sep-14 7:56am View
I was testing on IE9.It should be supported on IE9>=
Dexter11 13-Aug-14 9:34am View
Thanks Griff it helped a lot...One more question is there any way to know when my process will finish this conversion.As i wrote the conversion logic in webservice i want to notify user once the conversion is finished.
Dexter11 13-Aug-14 6:40am View
No, the request did't reach server side. It didn't even show any errors on console.
Dexter11 12-Aug-14 6:59am View
Thanks raul..
Can i execute bat file from my web application?
Dexter11 19-Mar-14 5:09am View
Dexter11 31-Jan-14 5:39am View
Thanks for your replies. I have just started working on it.
There's one requirement where i am stuck, i want tool something like elbow connector to be used on my canvas.If this is possible can anyone help me with code.
Dexter11 7-Jan-14 2:45am View
We have tried using AutoDesk to view .dwg files in browser but it requires installation of separate application on users machine (i.e. AutoDesk Design Review) which is not acceptable in our case.Is there any other way to achieve this?
Dexter11 6-Jan-14 5:57am View
The Add-in(Autodesk Design Review Browser Add-in)suggested by you doesn't display the image on browser instead it downloads that file on browser
Dexter11 17-Apr-13 9:37am View
I am using installshield to create my package where i had enabled .net installer class
Dexter11 22-Mar-13 8:22am View
Thanks for quick reply, i got the problem but i am struggling for solution as i have no control over this dynamic script.
Dexter11 10-Jan-13 8:28am View
I get this error
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
and really didn't found anything helpful on google
Dexter11 29-Oct-12 6:39am View
This is my URL for the page
Check this $(document.getElementById('ctl00_ebtnSearch')).css('backgroundPosition')
On chrome it returns me "100% 0px" whereas on IE it returns "0% 0%"
Dexter11 17-Sep-12 6:05am View
Sorry my mistake i didn't mention this ,the loading message is not while page loads it's on click of a button where i am passing some data to handler file(using jsonp) in loop and once all the data is send the message is removed.
Dexter11 17-Sep-12 6:00am View
it doesn't give any error
Dexter11 10-Sep-12 4:37am View
no page name doesnot contain dot. i am getting login..aspx (any reason for that)
Dexter11 27-Jul-12 6:52am View
Thank you for your replies.
I know it would be like spoon feeding but could you help to rewrite same code with threading instead of Application.DoEvents() as i have to get it wrapped soon and i am not much aware of threading concepts.
Thanks in advance.
Dexter11 26-Jul-12 9:37am View
I am pretty sure that's not access problem.My page keeps on loading and finally gets timeout.
I guess the condition while (browser.ReadyState != WebBrowserReadyState.Complete) goes in indefinite loop.
Dexter11 22-Jun-12 9:40am View
Already tried but getting black image(tried on Operating System Windows 2003,Windows 2007).
Please guide where i'm getting wrong.
Dexter11 11-Jun-12 9:35am View
Thanks for your quick reply but this wont help me i guess.

To elaborate my problem, my service would be located at particular location and it should be accessible from any XYZ domain.

Any user who paste my above code should be able to access this service.
Any suggestions for my problem?