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DamithSL 9-Jan-17 5:55am View
.NET Framework 4.6.1
DamithSL 9-Jan-17 2:51am View
You need to explain which part of your code is not working and what are the exceptions you get etc..
DamithSL 3-Jan-17 2:59am View
update the question with your code
DamithSL 1-Feb-16 2:24am View
repeater will not have first row if you haven't bind data. jquery runs on client side , ASP.NET repeater server control generate from server side. you can't clone or find first row in this case. it will fail in the beginning
DamithSL 1-Feb-16 2:04am View
understand the concept, that sample code adding dummy item to repeater and clone it first and remove that row from jquery. cloned item updated with new value and add to repeater for all the records.
DamithSL 29-Jan-16 2:45am View
you haven't show us how you insert data to database
DamithSL 29-Jan-16 2:16am View
how you bind data to checkBox_service? can you update the question with that code?
DamithSL 14-Jan-16 5:37am View
Right click on the field, then select Format Field -> Paragraph tab -> Text Interpretation -> RTF text.
DamithSL 14-Jan-16 3:38am View
set target CPU as any CPU and try again, read How to: Optimize an Application for a Specific CPU Type[^]
DamithSL 13-Jan-16 21:54pm View
use another interface IObject and create
List<Iobject> ComputeSomething(string input)
DamithSL 12-Jan-16 3:36am View
what is the full error with stack trace? we can't debug your code, you have to do that.
DamithSL 12-Jan-16 3:18am View
debug and check which object is null
DamithSL 12-Jan-16 0:30am View
you should get compile error for above code
DamithSL 11-Jan-16 1:33am View
so how you decide from which row of table 2 going to use for updating table 1?
DamithSL 11-Jan-16 1:22am View
do you have column named memberid? you may need to modify where condition to match with your tables.
DamithSL 10-Jan-16 23:06pm View
which datepicker control you have used? do you need to set default datepicker value as zero? or null? why you need to do so?
DamithSL 9-Jan-16 5:11am View
Thank you Maciej
DamithSL 9-Jan-16 4:40am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 9-Jan-16 4:02am View
please include related code in your question
DamithSL 9-Jan-16 3:58am View
Thank You SA
DamithSL 9-Jan-16 0:11am View
You are welcome!
DamithSL 3-Jan-16 15:12pm View
like this? if you answer to this comment, you know how to place a comment
DamithSL 16-Dec-15 22:53pm View
There is no return false in your code, but how you receive false! have you debug your code?
DamithSL 15-Dec-15 22:07pm View
what is the error message and what is the column data type of DateAdded in your access database?
DamithSL 12-Dec-15 2:22am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 5-Dec-15 1:22am View
remove the EventName="RowEditing" roperty of AsyncPostBackTrigger and try again
DamithSL 4-Dec-15 3:29am View
semicolon is in question title :)
DamithSL 4-Dec-15 2:22am View
list is list not a :)
DamithSL 2-Dec-15 21:49pm View
Thank You SA
DamithSL 27-Nov-15 1:10am View
have you debug and check? in runtime your application should have data in filteredTable.
what are you doing inside page load event? are you check fro ispostback event and load initial data?
DamithSL 27-Nov-15 0:52am View
debug and check what is the issue when you change the selected item.
DamithSL 23-Nov-15 22:18pm View
Any exceptions? what is the message you get?
DamithSL 23-Nov-15 3:21am View
recover? what happened to those data? do you have SDK for this device?
DamithSL 25-Oct-15 23:12pm View
debug and check which lines of code executed when you try to insert already existing record. this error not came from if condition code block, may be else condition code block
DamithSL 22-Oct-15 1:39am View
Thank You
DamithSL 22-Oct-15 1:39am View
Thank You
DamithSL 22-Oct-15 1:18am View
in which line you get this error?
DamithSL 21-Oct-15 23:33pm View
what exactly you want to do? and what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 16-Oct-15 3:52am View
small correction, use Path.GetFileName(img)
check my updated answer
DamithSL 15-Oct-15 0:54am View
check the web config and make sure that connection string added correctly
DamithSL 14-Oct-15 23:58pm View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 6-Oct-15 2:08am View
why not debug and check your application?
check all the places where you set or read values from TextBox2
DamithSL 6-Oct-15 0:12am View
what are the conditions to match when you search values?
DamithSL 5-Oct-15 3:00am View
you haven't use selectedItem when you loading chart control.
DamithSL 5-Oct-15 2:46am View
do you have scheet called ExportData?
DamithSL 5-Oct-15 0:58am View
have you tried using clean deployment?(delete existing files in the server and deploy the latest release)
DamithSL 5-Oct-15 0:04am View
can you updated the question with new code which you have tried?
DamithSL 4-Oct-15 23:39pm View
how you bind DropDownList?
DamithSL 2-Oct-15 2:04am View
have you debug and check the failing values?
DamithSL 2-Oct-15 0:04am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 1-Oct-15 5:40am View
uninstall 64 bit Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and install 32 bit Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and try again
DamithSL 1-Oct-15 3:25am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 30-Sep-15 6:55am View
Thank you
DamithSL 30-Sep-15 1:34am View
what is the error you get? have you check the column data types & sizes etc.. machine with destination or not? try to give column names like below
INSERT INTO tbl_temp2 (fld_id)
SELECT tbl_temp1.fld_order_id
FROM tbl_temp1
DamithSL 25-Sep-15 3:42am View
System.Windows.Automation.Peers namespace resides in PresentationFramework.dll
DamithSL 25-Sep-15 2:30am View
thank you :)
DamithSL 24-Sep-15 2:18am View
what is the control you are using for select dates?
DamithSL 24-Sep-15 1:17am View
if you don't need to bind data on button click then what exactly you want to do?
DamithSL 24-Sep-15 1:15am View
You are welcome!
DamithSL 24-Sep-15 1:12am View
i think OP has issue with parameter order. pls check my answer below.
DamithSL 23-Sep-15 4:09am View
what you want in your where condition?
DamithSL 23-Sep-15 3:57am View
try with dgvinstallment.Columns[0].DataPropertyName, check my updated answer
DamithSL 21-Sep-15 13:04pm View
can you provide more details on what is the change you doing weekly?
DamithSL 18-Sep-15 5:23am View
if you already using it then for which purpose you used it? is there any other alternatives you can use instead of it? have you read the details of ?
DamithSL 18-Sep-15 3:08am View
you are welcome!
DamithSL 18-Sep-15 2:53am View
DamithSL 18-Sep-15 2:46am View
check my updated answer
DamithSL 15-Sep-15 6:33am View
is this the exact code you get above exception? how you get ParentID value?
DamithSL 14-Sep-15 0:58am View
You are welcome!
DamithSL 14-Sep-15 0:42am View
can you show the code you tried?
DamithSL 12-Sep-15 1:04am View
update the question with the code which bind data to combo boxes
DamithSL 10-Sep-15 3:07am View
Thank You.
DamithSL 10-Sep-15 1:52am View
what do you mean by unistall setup?
DamithSL 9-Sep-15 4:08am View
what is the error?
DamithSL 7-Sep-15 4:27am View
OP need one row value of given column, so
var result =ds.Tables(0).AsEnumerable().FistOrDefault(r=>r.Field<int>("MenuSubCategoryId"));
DamithSL 7-Sep-15 4:27am View
Thank You
DamithSL 7-Sep-15 3:31am View
what is the relationship between table1 and table2? have you try to join two tables and take the menu items which having rights for logged in user? update the question with your sql statement which you tried so far
DamithSL 7-Sep-15 2:00am View
can you update the question with your "one method" and "another method" code? :)
DamithSL 6-Sep-15 23:08pm View
do you have antivirus software installed in your PC/Server? then try to disable it for some time and try to install again.
DamithSL 2-Sep-15 4:31am View
try with
<p>This is <font color="red">Red</font></p>
DamithSL 2-Sep-15 3:56am View
can you update the question with sample html content you saved in the database?
DamithSL 1-Sep-15 21:56pm View
How you did the data binding? Please update the question with related code
DamithSL 31-Aug-15 3:26am View
You are welcome!
DamithSL 30-Aug-15 1:51am View
explain what you have done so far and where you stuck now and also include code related to your problem.
DamithSL 30-Aug-15 0:45am View
what is your application type? is it windows form application?
DamithSL 28-Aug-15 11:52am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 28-Aug-15 4:10am View
unclear what you're asking, do you want to name or give ID name for the buttons?
DamithSL 26-Aug-15 6:48am View
you are welcome!
DamithSL 26-Aug-15 4:04am View
"some problems" will not help, please explain in detail, have you debug?
DamithSL 26-Aug-15 3:08am View
what is the issue with your code?
DamithSL 26-Aug-15 1:18am View
what have you tried so far? what is the project type or full name of treeview control?
DamithSL 26-Aug-15 1:16am View
it should be OnLoggingOut="unnamed_loggingout" (all lower case in your event definition)
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 13:29pm View
Thanks, Maciej
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 2:13am View
what is the issue with current code?
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:54am View
check below sample
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:48am View
if you are using ODBC connector you need to use OdbcConnection
MySqlConnection is for mysql .net connector
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:39am View
what is mycnOptionPanel?
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:30am View
check my updated answer, one last attempt, try with ? instead of @Device_name in sql statement
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:21am View
are you sure that you need to read from label? or textbox? debug and check the value in runtime whether you have correct value for device name
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 1:03am View
may be ddlDeptName.SelectedValue contains some other value, debug and check.
it all depend which column you bind as value member of ddlDeptName
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 0:50am View
try using single command with sql statement as below
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(INSERT INTO Employee (Dept_ID,Dept_Name,Emp_Name) SELECT Dept_ID, Dept_Name, @Emp_Name FROM Department WHERE Dept_Name = @Dept_Name);

now set both parameters to cmd
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Emp_Name", txtName.Text.Trim());
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Dept_Name", ddlDeptName.SelectedValue);

remove cmd1 related code.
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 0:41am View
what is the sql statement you have used?
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 0:30am View
Thank you, Mika :)
DamithSL 25-Aug-15 0:19am View
DamithSL 24-Aug-15 3:46am View
what is your filter condition?
DamithSL 23-Aug-15 23:24pm View
can you update the question with login_form_validation code?
DamithSL 21-Aug-15 23:08pm View
try to find way to separate data for each table, read file content to string and then you can split by "[TABLE]" then you have 3 strings for each tale, first line will have table name and you can write logic to check the table name an then read next lines, split the column values an finally insert to table, try your self, if you have trouble, please ask new question with the code you tried
DamithSL 21-Aug-15 3:55am View
where you want to publish? is this intranet or internet site?
DamithSL 21-Aug-15 0:22am View
what is the full error?
DamithSL 20-Aug-15 6:15am View
SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
DataSet ds = SqlHelper.ExecuteDataset(connection,CommandType.StoredProcedure,"Testproc1",new SqlParameter("@var1",variable));
DamithSL 20-Aug-15 4:19am View
DamithSL 20-Aug-15 3:52am View
beat me to it, 5wd
DamithSL 20-Aug-15 3:32am View
put breakpoint GetImageDatafromDB page Page_Load method and check whether you get image data from database or not
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 10:55am View
Thank you
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 5:51am View
what is the full exception?
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 3:56am View
where you host this this web site?
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 2:16am View
Find what?
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 1:41am View
check from weighing machine manufacturer for programming interfaces.
DamithSL 19-Aug-15 1:14am View
try to deleting the references, then closing Visual Studio, and reopening it again, and finally adding the references again.
DamithSL 18-Aug-15 5:22am View
update the question with sample code which demonstrate how you do the printing now
DamithSL 18-Aug-15 4:09am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 18-Aug-15 3:47am View
where you hosted this site?
DamithSL 17-Aug-15 16:03pm View
Thank you Maciej
DamithSL 17-Aug-15 2:30am View
can you update the question with BasePage class code?
DamithSL 17-Aug-15 1:14am View
what is the issue with current code?
DamithSL 16-Aug-15 13:36pm View
in which control? and tag the question correctly
DamithSL 16-Aug-15 12:40pm View
why you need new tables for each 15 records? if you can explain your requirement in detail, we may able to provide better approach
DamithSL 16-Aug-15 1:59am View
update the question with your code
DamithSL 15-Aug-15 23:00pm View
you can accept this answer then, read how does accepting solution work in Code Project Quick Answers FAQ[^]
DamithSL 15-Aug-15 12:00pm View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 14-Aug-15 6:33am View
where you adding items to dropdownlist1?
DamithSL 14-Aug-15 4:23am View
check my updated answer.
DamithSL 14-Aug-15 0:13am View
any exceptions? debug and check reader has records or not
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 14:21pm View
update your question with more details, you only need to print selected record data of gridview? what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 6:02am View
you forgot to ask question
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 5:08am View
what is your project type? or full control name?
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 4:46am View
Thank you, Afzaal
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 4:42am View
Thank you, Maciej
DamithSL 13-Aug-15 4:38am View
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 23:27pm View
What is M? may be M.Success is always false, debug and check
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 23:10pm View
What is your favourite sport? I don't like Sports
We should go play some I don't like Sports!
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 5:53am View
what have you tried so far?
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 5:37am View
try wpfPage.Children.Clear()
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 4:34am View
check my updated
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 4:12am View
0X0A in hex, so you don't need to convert it as 33,10?
DamithSL 11-Aug-15 2:30am View
what is the point of having between 45 and 45?
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 14:43pm View
Test and it is even work for 2000 access database files as well
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 5:28am View
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 4:36am View
haven't you google?
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 4:31am View
Maciej, I have test above code and it is working fine,
even with @ parameter names it is working.
if I understand the documentation correctly, it never mentioned you can't use AddWithValue, named parameter in the sql text need to replace with ? and the parameter order need to follow when adding parameters.
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 4:14am View
why? AddWithValue is not an issue, when using ? for parameters, only the order of adding parameters is matters, parameter name will be neglected but in sql if the first parameter is username then need to add user name as first parameter, likewise need to follow the order. is there anything else I have missed?
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 3:52am View
Thanks Maciej, I have updated my answer.
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 2:59am View
can you update the question with related code?
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 2:57am View
it seems bug in Visual studio
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 2:39am View
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 1:52am View
You are welcome!
DamithSL 10-Aug-15 1:35am View
in which line you get this error? can you update the question with stored procedure sql of Sp_GetStaffInfo_New?
DamithSL 9-Aug-15 9:58am View
what is the problem you see?
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 2:35am View
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 2:16am View
there is double \ in the above code but it is rendered as one \ :)
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 2:16am View
use \\s+
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 1:26am View
if cell is not the last cell of the row

DamithSL 7-Aug-15 1:19am View
if you know the current cell index, can't you calculate next cell index? :)
DamithSL 6-Aug-15 6:42am View
unclear how you setup gridview, show aspx file gridview code and code behind related code.
DamithSL 6-Aug-15 2:12am View
can you update the question with aspx code of MaskedEditValidator and MaskedEditExtender
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 23:41pm View
it seems that hradmin may not have full privileges to create view, do you have another user having all privileges? if yes, log in using that user and try.
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 23:37pm View
have you tried without
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 23:36pm View
is there any reason to use xml file instead of Database table?
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 23:24pm View
run SELECT VERSION() and check the mysql version of your hosting provider
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 6:13am View
update the question with related code samples, explain where you stuck
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 5:20am View
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 5:07am View
Ask from telerik Forum[^]
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 5:01am View
can you update the question with method codes of HR.Dal.Helper.FormatDate and Helper.NullIf?
DamithSL 5-Aug-15 4:22am View
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 23:46pm View
what is the question? please format the code in your question.
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 11:21am View
update the question with your c# code and error details
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 11:07am View
Thank You, SA
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 6:34am View
export file names? or content?
if it is content of the files, how you going to process content and build comma separated file?
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 6:28am View
where those windows applications store data temporarily?
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 6:23am View
what you mean by local database? running on server and you may have database server as well, so you have client databases?
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 6:11am View
what is your requirement?
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 4:27am View
:) you know that codeproject having Reputation system[^]? Afzaal here rated as 5 and he is mentioned it as comment.
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 4:21am View
if you find answer yourself, you can post it as answer to your own question and mark it as answer.
DamithSL 4-Aug-15 4:01am View
what is barcode?
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 6:44am View
can you update the question with sample json string?
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 6:39am View
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 6:24am View
where are you hosted your application? can't you give full image url as image src?
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 5:53am View
check my updated answer
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 4:37am View
can you show the code of slider?
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 4:22am View
have you debug and check?
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 3:40am View
update the question with related html/ code snippets
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 2:43am View
After Long Time :)

Thank You Maciej
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 2:23am View
what you want to save as log message?
put something there as you need. please try to understand the error and try to solve yourself first.
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 1:15am View
You are Welcome!
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 0:46am View
DamithSL 3-Aug-15 0:13am View
what have you tried so far?