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Bitto kumar 27-Jul-15 6:14am View
Thank you so much. i have done the same thing.
Bitto kumar 24-Jul-15 5:03am View
Yes i made it as public
Bitto kumar 24-Jul-15 5:02am View
I have created a class library project and added a form and it has some control as i mentioned above.And created windows forms project and added a reference to class library project.In windows project i created object for form and able to read all the control ID , Text i,e(suppose it is label(lblFname,FirstName)).The problem is i am getting datagridview Id but i need grid columns to acheive that? I hope u understand. basically my tension is to write all control ID and text values in resource file.
Bitto kumar 22-Jul-15 2:49am View
Hi Ralf,Thanks for your reply.i am not sure that size of the label because depending on selected language it has to display the text from resource file.And more over a form contains more than 100 controls.
Bitto kumar 6-Jul-15 23:21pm View
In form2 i am calling the form1.
Form1 f=new Form1();
Bitto kumar 6-Jul-15 23:20pm View
Hi thanks for your reply.i have done the same what u have suggested but it is not is my code. in this code am able to send the values to form1. But it is not displaying into the textbox. if i store the values in static variable and if i click any button it is displaying.

Form1 f=new Form1();
kindly suggest me.
Bitto kumar 18-May-15 1:57am View
Thank you so much.
Bitto kumar 30-Sep-14 4:36am View
thank you so's working
Bitto kumar 29-Sep-14 12:15pm View
hi ashok. i am not finding the IsbodyHtml property in windows application.
Bitto kumar 29-Sep-14 6:22am View
But i am using windows application. is there any other solution?
Bitto kumar 1-May-14 9:08am View
at last i have sloved this problem, i have converted the column format like mm/dd/yyyy. now it is working.thank you for all giving your valuable suggestions
Bitto kumar 1-May-14 8:56am View
what you said right rohan leuva sir, my requirement is that only..
Bitto kumar 1-May-14 8:56am View
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
Bitto kumar 1-May-14 8:55am View
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
Bitto kumar 1-May-14 8:50am View
what you said right sir, my requirement is that only..
Bitto kumar 28-Apr-14 8:59am View
thank you so much it working fine as expected.once again thank's alot
Bitto kumar 28-Apr-14 4:36am View
colud you please check my post,i have updated the question.i am able to show data in tooltip.but my requirement is description column should show 150 charaters only.when user mouse over on that column
entire msg should display in tooltip..
Bitto kumar 25-Mar-14 9:30am View
i tired it is not working....
Bitto kumar 26-Feb-14 12:40pm View
i already posted.but you didn't give the reply sir.could you please find the below link..
Bitto kumar 25-Feb-14 21:38pm View
hi Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov.
i am using listview control.i want to edit columns in listview.for this i have return the below code.But this is working for first column only.i need to edit second or to do it.please help me
Bitto kumar 24-Feb-14 22:42pm View
thank you so much for your's working fine now.
Bitto kumar 13-Jan-14 1:41am View
Please give me any suggestions regrading this issue.......
Bitto kumar 11-Jan-14 4:12am View
i tired what you said.but in open office paste option is not visible.but in buffer has data..and i tried with all format's still it is not pasting..
Bitto kumar 10-Jan-14 9:04am View
Please give me any suggestion.....
Bitto kumar 10-Jan-14 9:03am View
it supporting.when you copy data first time from listview it is pasting.when copy data from second time it is not pasting.but in excel it is pasting.....thank you
Bitto kumar 10-Jan-14 4:14am View
I tired but it is not working...thanks for reply
Bitto kumar 7-Jan-13 7:57am View
i have two gridviews and it has dropdownlist,i need to display details based on clicking on gridview,let us assume when gridview1 is clicked then students details has to bind ,when click on gridview2 parents details bind to in rowdatabound event i want to find which gridview is clicked by user based on that i will bind data to dropdownlist
Bitto kumar 2-Jan-13 4:22am View
item row
Bitto kumar 11-Dec-12 5:05am View
sorry know also i am not getting
Bitto kumar 11-Dec-12 5:05am View
sorry know also i am not geting
Bitto kumar 6-Dec-12 8:27am View
but i want to validate user to select today date only .so to visible calender onclientshow event using. for validation OnClientDateSelectionChanged using
Bitto kumar 3-Dec-12 0:05am View
hi my application my requirement is like that and my app is based on sales part so i have 2 validate user to select only 2days date
Bitto kumar 30-Nov-12 5:00am View
no dont think wrong yesterday i faced this question in my interview so i asked. anyway thanks for your answer
Bitto kumar 30-Nov-12 4:37am View
sory i am asking with out enter row =5 is there any possibility