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Sandra Ha 19-Sep-13 8:02am View    
yes they have the same structure (same fields) and the data will be used for reporting. Some data will be taken from request records and some from responses.
Sandra Ha 12-Aug-13 15:49pm View    
Ok, i made a small windows application just to test. I added a combobox and filled it with the monitors I have. foreach(Screen screen in System.Windows.Forms.Screen.AllScreens)


In this way the user will select a specific monitor.

the second step is to run an image on the selected monior.

Let's say I have the image path , I can't see any method for the screen that says display or show
Sandra Ha 12-Aug-13 15:33pm View    
Actually I read about this class and I used the AllScreens() method to get the monitors details. But I was stuck, I need to display the gif image on one of the monitors in the list I have.
Sandra Ha 12-Aug-13 15:23pm View    
When the computer completes booting
Sandra Ha 23-May-13 7:39am View    
No not webserver , i will run this code from a class library as a method called from a windows application