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Comments by Esmond90 (Top 31 by date)

Esmond90 3-Aug-12 0:15am View    
Do you have any code for reference?
Esmond90 31-Jul-12 23:38pm View    
Oh, I just don't know how to write code to determine an invalid file or whenever a data cannot be read,for both for openfiledialog and drag-n-drop.
Esmond90 31-Jul-12 22:30pm View    
If the extension matches but file is not valid to be read, can i add a messagebox to indicate that?
Esmond90 31-Jul-12 22:28pm View    
Oh I see,is it possible for me to filter format input for drag and drop class?when wrong format is dragged in, messagebox pop up?
Esmond90 31-Jul-12 22:24pm View    
Oh.Thanks!I can do it this way too.=) But can I filter for the drag and drop class too?