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minu1989 2-Apr-13 2:26am View
yes, i agree with you.I want to save file in different formet like pdf,doc,Image)bmp,tiff,jpg,png)etc in c# win-form.
minu1989 2-Apr-13 2:23am View
A added pdf in filter. when i save file as image formet like bmp,TIFF,JPEG,PNG,GIF,gif save them, but in pdf formet it gives error.
minu1989 1-Apr-13 2:34am View
Use Membership Providers in your Application.
minu1989 1-Apr-13 2:24am View
<-----------On pageload event use this code------------>

minu1989 1-Apr-13 2:21am View
you wanna with postback or without post back
minu1989 1-Apr-13 2:16am View
<asp:TextBox ID="TxtDisplayName" runat="server" Width="490px">

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator SetFocusOnError="True" ControlToValidate="TxtDisplayName"
Display="Dynamic" ValidationGroup="MailSetting" ID="RequiredFieldValidator4"
runat="server" ErrorMessage="">


<asp:Button ID="btnExtUserCreate" runat="server" ValidationGroup="MailSetting" OnClick="btnExtUserCreate_Click" />

use this code-->
minu1989 1-Apr-13 1:55am View
i already applied c-sharp corner code,but it is working in window-7 not in XP.
minu1989 1-Apr-13 1:48am View
I am developing it in window application.when i scan a doc,it will show in a folder.